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  • Guns N' Roses @ Rock In Rio 2011
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Axl Rose

Oh jeez. Oh boy. We can’t ignore this any longer, can we? William Axl Rose, who was once one of rock’s greatest and most forbidding frontmen, has entered his late-Elvis stage. At the Rock In Rio festival on Monday, Axl showed up wearing a weird fluorescent raincoat thing, a gigantic cowboy hat, and about five bazillion extra pounds. We didn’t know how good we had it with the dreads-and-hockey-jersey stage.

And that weird look and weight gain wouldn’t even matter too much if he still had that terrifying helium wail, but no. He now sings in a pitched-up chipmunk squeal that’s somehow come a whole lot closer to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s godawful impersonation of the man. Observe the damning evidence below.

That guitar solo didn’t turn out too well either, did it? Maybe that’s what happens when you try to play in a stormtrooper helmet. And no, I have no idea why the audio cuts out halfway through, unless it’s YouTube just deciding that we’ve had enough and doing us a favor.

In happier news, Use Your Illusion recently turned 20.

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  1. You failed to point out the dude wearing Slash’s hat…

  2. Paradise City where the gravy’s nice and the steaks are meaty

  3. Pretty sure that’s Hank Williams Jr, and I love the way he screams at the guitarist “YOU’RE GONNA DIE” after that abortion of a solo.

  4. Appetite for destruction.

  5. I hope that wasn’t the set opener, because he already sounds out of breath.

    • Someone told me that they saw Rob Zombie years ago in San Antonio (on, what was, in all fairness, a really hot day) and he was huffing and puffing all over the stage, so the chorus to More Human Than Human came out like, “More human than *GASP* human!” I would have given anything to see/hear that.

      • Saw White Zombie in 93 in the middle of winter and that’s exactly what he sounded like. That’s the one advantage of never having sounded good: you never get much worse.

  6. I guess the jungle does eventually bring you down. Huh!

  7. Axl Rose: Curious George CosPlay fanatic

  8. You know, as much as I am not an Axl fan, I have to say, I think the yellow raincoat is cool, and ironically, is somewhat reminiscent of the yellow gown that his archenemy Kurt Cobain famously wore on Headbanger’s Ball.

  9. Actually, he kind of looks like Van Morrison.

  10. in his defense, it does look like it’s pouring rain.

  11. time to shred…where’s my stormtrooper helmet?

  12. Double-axl Rose

  13. I read a ton of bad press about this. Showing up two hours late in the rain would be a drag for the crowd. I would be ticked. I can understand the raincoat. It was raining pretty bad. I thought the audo of welcome to the jungle sounded pretty good. It seems like the issues were 1. showing up late 2. going to pot ,maybe people are shocked by his appearance 3. generally unrocker like coat. Oh well, getting old is tough…

    • Come on! The audio did not sound good. All of Axl’s phrasing is rushed and clipped because he can’t seem to catch his breath, and that helmet-impaired solo sounds positively amateurish.

  14. When did Axl Rose turn into “Rainbow Connection” & “We’ve Only Just Begun” songwriter – and friend of Muppets – Paul Williams?

  15. I literally just split my spleen in half from laughing….


  16. I wonder… Now that Christie Alley lost a brazillion pounds, is Weight Watchers looking for a new client?

  17. 3 hours later and I am still laughing.

  18. Wow! I didn’t know there were that many superficial people out there? Isn’t it about the music, and not the fact that he doesn’t look like he did when he was 27?? And God forbid it takes a 49 yr old a couple shows to get going after not touring in a year. Why don’t we see the media writing about their show only three nights later in Chile? Oh yeah, because it was fantastic, and why would the media write something positive about Axl??

  19. I don’t need your sushi roll
    It feeds my face but I just get hungry for more
    Your very hungry lookin for ribs
    at the grocery store
    Ain’t that fresh
    I don’t need your sushi rollllll

  20. This video is embarrassing. I’d want my money (honey) back. Thank God I saw GnR in their heyday. He seems to have a Jeremy Beadle Wishing Claw (TM) going on too. At least that part isn’t fat, I guess.

  21. You know, for someone who has had an ambivalent history with racially charged language in the past, he wouldn’t look that out of place at the 1992 Soul Train Awards. With that magnificent canary duster of his; I could see him as Sinbad’s mysterious plus one, perhaps.

  22. Well that was fucked up

  23. The guitar solo couldn’t have been any better if it were in “Spinal Tap.”

  24. Compared to Guns circa 1991, it is pretty lame. Compared to current bands like Warpaint where it looks like the band members are falling asleep on stage, this is brilliant.

  25. That’s really sad.

  26. In spite of his looks, I thought he sounded OK for a 40 something yr old. Better him than any coma inducing chillwave acts.

  27. wow… he reminds me of beer drinking, sausage eating Dutch crooner Andre Hazes…

  28. Cokeparty  |   Posted on Oct 11th, 2011 0

    Welcome to the rain forest?

    i wanna watch tou eaaaaatttt!!!!

    (Sorry, just really sorry everyone)

    • I wanted to upvote, but I didn’t, because I wanted to leave this relic intact, and note that this gif, as is, is brilliant (in every possible way) and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for not upvoting it to shreds. That is all. Good day, sirs.

    • Oh my God, I used to play this game all the time in the arcades, was it called Narcs? I needed cheering up after watching that video

  29. Well, all I can say is, that he should have never made the statement that he was going to be on the radio every year just like Elton John. He said that about 6 months after making the big time. And now look at him,..he’s still playing the same ol one hit voice now the same, doesn’t go with that appearance. He might look alot better if he were to diet, slimming down and trying to sing something that doesn’t yell at you. ..Like Robert Plant has done. That would be what I would do if I were him. :-)

  30. I see he went with the slimming neon yellow.

  31. Mickey Rourke is in the Guns n’ Roses biopic?!

  32. Nice coat.
    Looks like a school patrol officer.

  33. Use your delusion, Axl!

  34. Ok Haters,He has a leather jacket on under the raincoat and its pouring out,if you check out any of the other youtube bits in the past few montjs hes still very much in shape. Dont forget hes 50 now and he still gets supermodels. Jealousy is funny dont hate him cause hes hot

  35. Just saw GNR in concert and he looked fine and was dancing and running all over the place. Maybe the yellow color and the “big” jacket make him look like that or the pic was photo shopped.

  36. Axel was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, remember? If he finally decided to give the meds a try, they are famous for causing very rapid and severe weight gain, especially zyprexa, a mood stabilizer used to treat bipolar.

    I was diagnosed bipolar as well, and given zyprexa and gained 80 pounds, became stiff and inflexible, and very uncoordinated. I looked puffy and bloated and unrecognizable.

    after about 3 years of this non sense, I re-gained my life by slowly discontinuing the meds, and very quickly, as in just a few weeks, lost 40 pounds.

    I went on to go from size 22 down to size 6—it was wonderful.

    these meds are dangerous and toxic, and include lithium and others…

    I look at axels change from string bean to bloated, and I very clearly see myself…

    I do not see him over eating, but rather, the huge size change is very obvioulsy not normal, and is due to the meds and/or something serious with his health, like kidneys and liver problems….

    I want the best for him, and his life, and I highly recommend getting off of that shit, and doing a lot of cardio, weight training, and personal training to get his life back., as well as healthy eating.

    his gig in atlanta was 3 hours long and his voice was great……

    I want to cry when I see him…because I think hes been destroyed by psychiatry and their bs and lies to get your money…

    but he can get his body back, I did and Im back to teaching fitness and coaching sports…

    no meds necessary.

    be careful what you believe and always get a second and third opinion.

    Just do a google search on zyprexa and weight gain and you’ll see what I mean….

    He resisted the psychiatrists for a while, but one look at him and I think he sucumbed…

    Most other people I know who took zyprexa and other meds for bipolar, all gained 60-80 lbs.

    • Do you know thats what hes taking or are you just assuming?? Cause if you dont know them your just raving about your own problems and it has nothing to do with this. He should have practiced a little before going on this tour and that guitarist should have his ass kicked for ruining the show.. My sister is schizophrenic, some people need the meds you should see her with out them….She attacked my mother, you never know he might really need them. Its not about the weight gain the show really wasnt that good. And I love Axl Rose

  37. medications are not always dangerous if it is the right one for you and you take as directed you should not have any major problems. typical meds. for some disorders don’t always work for everyone who has it . these meds. do work and make sure you get the best one for you

  38. I knew Axl back in the day when I picked up the heroin for the family from the “doctor” and I’m just thankful that he’s still alive. He was on lithium then and he’s still suffering the effects of doctors “practicing” medicine on him. And let’s face it, unless you’re an obsessive work out freak or just metabolically gifted or love your lipo doc….we’ve all gained a few pounds. Axl is nearing 50, give the guy a break, my hero Joey Ramone was skinny til the day he died…at 55….of CANCER.

  39. Oh and btw Slash never wore a fedora, his original top hat was my grand fathers silk wedding top hat…..

  40. I love Axl. I thought the beginning was a little, well a lot off, but it got better after a couple minutes. Axl is very talented and although I would love to hear more than old GNR songs from him, he is still awesome. Was a fan when I was 5 and still a fan today.

  41. At this point the most solid and interesting part of this GnR cover band is Tommy Stinson on bass guitar, a genuine musician with the legacy and chops to back it up.

  42. That was the worst GnR video I have ever seen. Unbelievable. Should probably retire. Horrible. Smoke another one Axl. WTF.

  43. well-i-am, XXL rose :P

  44. That can’t be real….omg

  45. It appears the jungle has a krispy kreme.

  46. I was always a Slash fan girl anyway. Axl looks like someone’s drunk Uncle, set loose on the Karaoke machine. And he should know that DEVO rock the fluoro look much better.

  47. still love you Axl…..xoxox

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