The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye’s drug-damaged R&B project the Weeknd has dropped two excellent mixtapes, House Of Balloons and Thursday, so far in 2011, and they’ve promised us a third full-length before the year is out. So maybe that’s where “Initiation,” the new song they released online this weekend, will end up. If you enjoyed those last two mixtapes, you know what to expect here. Listen below.

At what point should we really start worrying about Tesfaye’s physical and mental well-being?

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  1. Start worrying when he stops putting these albums out.

  2. I am so glad that Abel Tesfaye started doing drugs.

  3. What is this, Britney Spears? What’s “worrying” gonna do? You are simply an observer of the art he puts out, regardless of what drugs or other things may or may not influence the creation of it. If it comes to that, leave the worrying and helping to the people who’s worrying actually means anything; his friends and family.

    There’s nothing thought-provoking about your question, it’s just stupid OK magazine-grade rambling. Focus on the music, dude, not what he ate for breakfast.

    • agreeeeeeeeeeed. I’m dummy skeptical about someone this prolific actually being as messed up on drugzzzzz as he claims; I think it’s more jussss for his image. Unless he’s Danny Browning it and flippin railing shit-tons of aderal haha

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