Nas - "Nasty" Video

“Nasty” is the best Nas single in forever because it’s the one where Nas figures out that we don’t want hamfisted concept-rap or half-asleep social commentary from him; we just want him to rap hard and fast over a hard and fast beat. Similarly, the new “Nasty” video is the best Nas video in forever because it’s the one where he realizes that we don’t want to see him portray an African revolutionary or an inspirational messiah figure; we just want to watch him stroll through the Queensbridge projects, handing out fur coats to little kids and stacks of money to random dudes in wheelchairs, looking like a king among men. Goldwatch directs. Watch it below. It’s great.

(via Nah Right)

The next Nas album will hopefully come out before our planet moves into its next geological era.

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  1. Product Placement is the cousin of death.

  2. get some ducklips to go with those doe eyes you sexy son of a bitch!

  3. Pffft! He already did this better with A.Z on that Serious track.

    • Having said that this is still better than anything Kanye West has ever done.

      • I think Kanye is one of the few rappers successfully pushing the boundaries of rap, when most people (Nas included) are praised for doing the exact opposite. That is, not making asses out of themselves by trying to do something beyond their creative capacity.

        Although great, this is pretty run of the mill. Plus, Nas couldn’t make a beat to save his fucking life. I can’t believe the garbage he’s spit over. I think that’s what makes this such a pleasant surprise.

        But what the fuck do I know, Dave?

        • I hope you know that Kanye has produced numerous, (how did you put it?) “garbage” that he’s put it. He’s gotten some pretty prolific producers to make “garbage” to spit over as well (i.e. Trackmasters, Jay Electronica, and Dr. Dre to name a few).

          And since when does being a rapper have anything to do with being a producer? Does every rapper have to make his/her own beats? Nas is first and foremost known as being a lyricist, MC, and poet. This means take away the beat and he’ll still put any other to shame lyrically. This is where he shines the best, he isn’t trying to be grand here, he’s trying to show that he is still real and connected to his origins. Take away all the gold and money, and he’ll still spit razorblades in a project closet turned studio. I don’t know why his golden Egyptian roots thing didn’t take off while Kanye made it work. It doesn’t mean that Kanye is pushing the boundaries more than Nas. Kanye gained the spotlight by pushing buttons, not by pushing boundries. Nas will forever be more of a pioneer of the game, Kanye is still trying to catch up.

          • that he’s “spit on” not “put it”.

          • I agree with a lot of that, however I think there is something to be said for making your own beats and being a great MC. I’m not denying Nas is one of the best of all time, it’s just that the man has made a number of questionable decisions with his music over the past 10 years. Something like MBDTF sounds like a fresh, progressive sound for popular hip-hop – something that is a hard balance to achieve. It’s hard to deny he’s the hottest producer right now (and has been for awhile) and Nas hasn’t had a truly decent track since 2008, and that album wasn’t consistent. I guess I want more/better from Nas. I think he could be better. It’s like when Jeezy or Pusha makes a new coke track – it can be pretty meh. Not always.
            But I guess it really doesn’t matter, I just thought Dave’s comment was ridiculous and had to reply.

          • Oh and who the hell is Kanye catching up to? That’s just silly, bummer.

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