Hey, something else to fight about! Lana Del Rey, the internet’s most divisive artist, showed up on the last episode of the British show Later With Jools Holland to sing “Video Games.” With a pianist and a string section backing her up, LDR actually looked nervous in public for the first time since she stopped being Lizzy Grant. Watch it below. Also below, we’ve got LDR’s tour dates.

(via One Thirty BPM)

Yup, this song is still great. And now, those dates:

11/04 – Manchester, UK @ Ruby Lounge
11/05 – Glasgow, UK @ Oran Moir
11/07 – Paris, France @ Nouveau Casino
11/10 – Amsterdam, Holland @ Upstairs at Paradiso
11/12 – Cologne, Germany @ Gebauede 9
11/14 – Berlin, Germany @ Roter Salon
11/16 – London, UK @ Scala
11/17 – Birmingham, UK @ HMV Institute
11/30 – Toronto, Canada @ Mod Club
12/05 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
12/07 – Los Angeles, CA @ Troubadour

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  1. Michael_  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011 +6

    I submit. After watching this yesterday evening, it’s been tough to get “Video Games” out of my head. I know she’s played a few shows but as her first legit televised debut, I have to admit her voice is for real (in an American Idol type of way) and I guess since Amy Winehouse is no longer with us, here’s a candidate to fill the voice of nostalgic pop. Not entirely my thing but I can understand why others might enjoy it…

  2. Not gonna lie, cannot stand this woman/song.

    thumbs me down you cowards, you’re only going to disapprove of a man.

  3. this song would have been much stronger if she wasn’t looking at the audience like a 50′s pin up girl, it… distracts a bit, but all over it’s a great performance

  4. Denis Schröder  |   Posted on Oct 12th, 2011 0

    Further proof that trying to emulate this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iH3oOVKt0WI

    you’ll always end up looking like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQupJ5NzGeE

    Sorry, Lana.

  5. If this is the internet’s most divisive artist…that would imply that some people love her? I’ve only seen haters…

    The song seems kinda boring to me, but didn’t hate it or love it.

    • On behalf of He-man Lana-haters everywhere, the fact that shes become so popular with these so-so/forgettable songs is why she is being so harshly criticized.
      But who knows she may be the next Feist…..or not

  6. She looks like Juliette Lewis, if Juliette Lewis got her face enitrely reconstructed.

    As for the song and performance, i like it, minus that awkward Marilyn Monroe falsetto thing.

  7. I love how she says “you da bestest”

  8. Why is there so much hating on this chic? I think this song is fantastic and a true raw performance. Good job Lana.

  9. The ‘industry’ spoiled our acceptance of her by trying to package her and fool us.

    That is no longer the case though.

    She is absolutely brilliant.

    This performance here will make all fall in love:)

  10. Its a good pop song, ripe for a market yearning for nostalgic tunes with hazy super 8 images ( chillwave is so over so 50′s by way of 70′s imagery will reign?) But brilliant? come on.

  11. i love lana del rey, and i can’t be the only one. i don’t know what criteria everyone else uses to judge music, but this is the best music i’ve heard in years. loved the performance. …oh and i don’t see the big deal if she did look nervous, which to me, she didn’t look exceptionally nervous at all. i’ve seen so many artists blogged on stereogum and elsewhere who have looked more nervous, and i compassionately just overlooked it. that’s a part of making it, or at least trying to make it. it takes years to build up that confidence that fans take for granted.

  12. she is definitely a divisive artist, but no matter what, she is undeniably destined for stardom. at least we think so. to each their own! http://unapologeticallypop.blogspot.com/

  13. i’ll chalk this up being another james blake for me. everyone loves it, i’m confused as to why.

    • I think this is a good song (good, not great), but the rest of her songs stink to high heaven. So I guess that is pretty James Blake-y. At least Del Rey writes full songs, whereas Blake writes a third of one, then fills the rest in with silence. Radiohead have a sense of space in music; James Blake is just lazy.

  14. To me the sign of a good song is when it rewards repeated listening. This song, as well as all her other songs I’ve heard, fit that bill. Can’t really say how, but they do.

    Seeing as though I was introduced to her through a post of the ‘Video Games’ video on likecool.com, I have to admit what drew me in was her physical beauty. I searched for her other videos and songs because I couldn’t tell if she was for real or if it was some sort of committee-based construct. But I soon came to realize that I didn’t care, I just wanted more of her singing. Guess you could say I came for the looks, but stayed for the song-writing.

  15. All other considerations aside, that nervous flit of a smile at 4:45 made me fall in love with her.

  16. i love this performance so much. at first i thought it was so amazing because of the emotion in her face and voice. now i cannot stop playing her songs everywhere….at my work a few women heard ‘Blue Jeans’ and right away and wanted to know who it was and thought it was great. Really cannot wait to hear more of Lana’s music!!

  17. Another major label hypefest.

    How much does Interscope pay for this press?

  18. Does anybody know the name of pianist who’s playing in the show?

    And does Lana have fixed tour members?

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