Stream Justice 'Audio, Video, Disco'

Justice’s new one, which we’ve seen a few songs and a few videos from, has hit the web. Check out Prefix Mag for the stream and leave your impressions in the comments. Has, cough cough, Justice indeed been served?

UPDATE: The stream has been removed. We will update this post when a stream become available.

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  1. Haven’t heard the album yet, only a couple songs.
    I think it doesn’t really reach the innovativity and genius of Cross, but I still really enjoy it.

  2. Yeah, you just made that word up (“innovativity”).

  3. listening to Parade has changed my thoughts of them. :D

  4. This is the album they needed to do to stay relevant. I think it’s great.
    It’s kind of a slap in the face to all the electrokids and copycat DJ’s but that’s a good thing.

    I’m not sure they’ll be able to pull these songs off live without a real band though. Cross was such a danceable record that it made it ok to “laptop” it. This changes a lot.

  5. I think I preferred Cross but I still like this. I probably won’t end up listening to audio, video, disco 4 years after its release like cross but it’s still an interesting record

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  7. Such a long wait and we get this? The huge gap between their debut and their sophomore is not justified with such “plain” songs. I think they tried sticking to their Pop side but didn’t make anything close to their catchy hymns like D.A.N.C.E. and DVNO. They also get far (really far) from the rage shown in Stress and Waters of Nazareth. I don’t know where they really aimed their efforts in this album.
    † (Cross) was a huge breakout and now we only get an average commercial near-to Electro-Pop album.

    • THANK YOU. I was afraid this was gonna be another lovefest (these things usually end up that way), but this album is mediocre. Some of the songs are awesomely cheesy and over the top, others are either just cheesy or flat-out boring. To be fair, I wasn’t as into Cross as a lot of people were, but at least it had balls. And before anyone jumps down my throat, I will reiterate that this is just my opinion – I’m not saying the album is boring, I’m saying I found it to be boring.

  8. My opinion and outlook about this album has flip-flopped so much, I don’t know how to express it anymore. Why, oh why, can’t the release date be closer?

  9. Audio Video Disco doesn’t fall flat on its face because it fails to live up to expectations, or because it fails to deliver that signature Justice sound. It’s simply sad because Justice is capable of so much more. Look forward to hearing it cut up live, but won’t be spinning it too much myself.

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