Thom Yorke recently spoke with Rolling Stone’s David Fricke, giving a few tantalizing details about the band’s forthcoming plans. He didn’t come right out and say that they’re releasing a new free album tomorrow or anything like that, but they are going back to the studio in the months ahead to work on new music.

According to Yorke, the band will be working in their rehearsal space in December and January: “We can get things together quite rapidly at the moment. We have this version of [the new song 'Come To Your Senses.'] It’s a five-minute rehearsal, but it has the essence of what we need. There are a few of those,.. It would be fun to have them ready when we go to play next year. I don’t know how we would release them. It would be nice to make it all part of the flow and just enjoy it — not think about it too much.”

He’s also still planning on releasing an LP from Atoms For Peace, the band, which features Flea and producer Nigel Godrich, that backed him on recent solo tours. Yorke has been working on that album since 2010, and he hopes to finish it before the end of the year. He claims that the album is “not good enough yet” and that he and Godrich have been working on it again after abandoning it for a while.

Fricke also talked to Godrich about the Atoms For Peace LP. Godrich says, “The genesis was more like The Eraser — Thom and I in the studio… The idea was to generate the music, then record the band. We did that. Some of it worked. We also went back to some of the electronic stuff. It’s still in flux. We’re waiting for the lightning bolt to strike.”

The full article is up at Rolling Stone.

[Photo by Jessica Amaya @ Roseland]

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  1. how about a tour Thom? Asia ( which is much more than Japan) would be nice.

  2. I’ll do a preemptive strike against all the “trolls”, or whatever

    Dear Trolls

    We know you don’t like Radiohead, and while you seem to have difficulty expressing your reasons for your dislike beyond the typical mono-syllable classics (ie: radiohead sucks!) or the ambiguously critical (Thom Yorke is overrated!), we, Radiohead fans, nevertheless understand and respect your position. Radiohead is not for everyone. That is ok. However we, Radiohead fans, remains very excited for any new releases from this great band, the releases mentioned in this post included. Go somewhere else to vent your hatred! Unless, of course, you have constructive, well thought out criticism to levy against the band, in which case come on in!

    • Big Radiohead fan here, but I do wish they’d get over their IDM leanings and give us more rock. Thom has a beautiful & emotive voice which should not be drowned in glitch… IMHO

  3. i hope they didn’t edit flea at all

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