Amrit and I are at Iceland Airwaves this week. In between walks through cold, sideways, nonstop rain, we caught extraordinary sets by Björk, Owen Pallett, Beach House, and a handful of local bands we’ll be recapping after the weekend. Amrit texted me at 3AM the other night: “I think I just saw the Icelandic Das Racist — I couldn’t understand what they were rapping but I assume it was about being Indian and in Queens.” Probably! And speaking of universal truths, the hot topics of discussion here been where to get the best lobster soup (Saegreifinn) and what’s the deal with Lana Del Ray (Jona from YACHT likes her song titles). I’m just glad I didn’t miss Lana at Occupy Wall Street … you know that’s happening any day (please let that happen any day). Until then, enjoy this week’s highest and rated lowest comments, and make sure to scroll below the Editors’ Choices for a Halloween costume idea I have for you.



Little Bear | Oct 12th Score:17

I think they might have forgotten Modest Mouse.

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Taylor Wilson | Oct 12th Score:21


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#8 djfreshie | Oct 7th Score:21
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#7 The Aura of the H-Man | Oct 12th Score:22

What kind of idiot could possibly put songs that I like behind other songs that I don’t like as much, or at all?!

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#6 bubsdepot | Oct 12th Score:27

Thoughtful plea for civility and perspective.

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#5 richie almost-dies | Oct 10th Score:35

“I’m 33 years old and I can’t make coffee” is the new “I never learned to read”.

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#4 woozefa | Oct 12th Score:38

general rant about lists.

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Bryan Akerley | Oct 12th Score:41


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#2 godsdog | Oct 7th Score:41

It’s no longer just destruction he’s got an appetite for.

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#1 lolwut | Oct 7th Score:55
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#5 Michael_ | Oct 10th Score:-9

I had to look that up in Urban Dictionary to understand what it meant and all I can say is that when you’re injecting your daughter with Botox in 20 years to further her music career, you’ll look back on this comment thread with regret, wishing you had only gone as far as playing Zola Jesus while she slipped away to sleep.

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#4 middledistancebummer | Oct 10th Score:-9

Good music or not, I’m not worried about hurting anyone’s feelings that panders to hipster kids enough to stream their new album on the Urban Outfitter’s website.

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Patrick Malone | Oct 12th Score:-11

None of these songs deserve to be in Top 150 anything.

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Stephen Berry | Oct 10th Score:-11

Pointless. Stories about music or GTFO!

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#1 Michael_ | Oct 10th Score:-12

p.s. I’ve been a pretty big fan of your writing style and posts going as far to defend it when a few genuine jerks on here criticize it, so at least give me that respect and spare me the f-bombs due to a casual disagreement over a flavor-of-the-moment music blog darling, man.

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brett hunter | Oct 12th Score:-2

I bet it’s the kind that tastes like money and smells like making shitty music.

Posted in: Karen O Covers Willie Nelson And Waylon Jennings For Chipotle

[Editor's Note: This was in response to what kind of salsa Karen O likes. LOLOLololool.]


raptor jesus | Oct 10th Score:2

I guess Ford & Lopatin for the special guests, since Software’s name is on it.

Just a guess, but I’m jelly regardless.

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[Editor's Note: Tune in Monday for the final reveal, Jesus.]

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  1. NAILED IT. one step closer to EGOT.

  2. Considering Bjork just released an album I think it’s time to pull out this bad boy from Halloweens past

  3. Not to get off topic but Stereogum just offered up a late Friday night re-tweet with some incredibly sad news: Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon have called it quits and Sonic Youth may be over as well.

    As someone who counts SY as their favorite group of all time and always loved how they made marriage and parenting look as cool as they did, I’m devestated.

  4. I’m going as the Grim Reaper

  5. godsdog is just killing everything lately

  6. Hahahahaha

    Just noticed the Sideways Colon ( Whatever, I didn’t major in Punctuation ) over the “o”s in “Worst” & “Comments”

    Lovely Icelandic / Bjorkian touch

  7. I’m surprised that this comments competition hasn’t yet devolved into something like Youtube’s comment system with something along the lines of, “tHumbs up if Axl Roes is fat!!11!1″.

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