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For the past few years, it’s been pretty easy to make fun of Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan and his decision-making, but I can’t quibble with this shit. Corgan has been a huge longtime pro wrestling fan, and he’s shown up at all sorts of Chicago-area events in the last few years. And now he’s starting his own Chicago-based indy pro wrestling company called Resistance Pro Wrestling.

In the Fox News interview above, Corgan points out that he’s been involved in pro wrestling for about 10 years and that he’s made a bunch of friends in the business. It’s hard to say how much he’ll be involved in the company itself, but it sure seems like a labor of love.

Chicago is a great pro wrestling town, as anyone who’s even been to a Ring Of Honor show at the Chicago Ridge Fieldhouse can tell you. It’s the home of wrestlers like CM Punk and Colt Cabana, as well as the indy promotion AAW. And Corgan is a serious booster who knows his shit. The talent page on the Resistance Pro Wrestling website shows it, too. Wrestling veteran Raven is the agent — the guy who plans out all the matches — and he should absolutely know what he’s doing. The company also features recent WWE veteran Harry Smith (the British Bulldog’s son), as well as big-name indie-level talents like Teddy Hart, the Briscoe Brothers, El Generico, Kevin Steen, Kyle O’Reilly, Gran Akuma, Arik Cannon, Icarus, Frightmare, Hallowicked, and Necro Butcher, the last of whom you might know from that fucked-up scene in The Wrestler where he destroys Mickey Rourke with a staple gun. That is an impressive roster indeed. Anytime Kevin Steen does anything, it’s worth watching. If I still lived in Chicago, I’d be all over this shit.

The first event goes down 11/25 at Chicago’s Excalibur nightclub. It’d be nice if the Resistance website said what matches would be on the card, but oh well.

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  1. Cult of personality.

    • Also, is it wrong that I was familiar without about 90% of the wrestlers name-dropped here? There’s some commonality between indie music and indie wrestling in here somewhere… Whether they want to admit it or not, I’m pretty sure CM Punk’s breakthrough iconic style of this year is what every Trash Talk and Ceremony-listening guy is going for these days

      • Dude, the punk rock/wrestling connection is a real thing. Ultramantis Black’s T-shirts these days are just Bad Brains and Black Flag shirts with “Ultramantis” instead of “Bad Brains” and “Black Flag.”

  2. Raven knows what he’s doing if you want about a dozen run-ins and weapons in every match.

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