Coldplay 'Mylo Xyloto' Comment Party

The Rihanna collab “Princess Of China” hit the web this morning, so it’s probably no surprise that the rest of Mylo Xyloto soon followed. Previously, you’ve also heard “Paradise, “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” as well as a live take on “Charlie Brown.” How’s the rest?

Mylo Xyloto is out 10/24 via Capitol. Two days later, on 10/26, Coldplay will webcast their Madrid show at Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas that Anton Corbijn is directing.

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  2. Scott your the man!

  3. It probably isn’t something that I’d pick up and buy unless it was physically on sale for $6.99 on Black Friday, but I do admire picking apart Eno’s production. That’s really what I find interesting about a release from a band as big as Coldplay considering their style of pop rock has been unabashedly deliberate.

    • Love Eno. I’m glad to hear someone say that. He’s really opened the band up after X&Y. Still my favorite Coldplay album, but probably because of the nostalgia linked with it (however silly that sounds.)

  4. I don’t really mind this album. From ‘Viva La Vida’, I knew that the band would never make another full-length masterpiece, and so, accepting that, I’m just going to take the album at face value.

    But, knowing Coldplay, they’ve hidden a few gems in there. Just look at ’42′ and ‘Yes’…

    • Don’t really hear any ‘gems’ in this one, but as a whole it’s palatable. I think what saves it is the unconventional song structures. Anyone else notice how the song with Rihanna doesn’t even have a real chorus? A lot of the songs are built in cool ways that you would never find on an actual pop album.

      However, the song ‘Don’t Let it Break Your Heart’ is a prime example of what Coldplay could be (and mercifully isn’t). Sounds like The Fray/The Script/The Cab/Lifehouse/latter-day Goo Goo Dolls/ any of the generic wallpaper pap you hear in the dentist’s waiting room.

  5. i personally love Coldplay so i am excited for this album, while they’ve become a little more “pop” than they used to be i think they make it work. i couldnt wait to hear the Charlie Brown studio version and i like it, it’s powerful, not too much of a fan of the intro to the song but it’ll grow on me i suppose. i am one of those guys who wait for the day its actually released however before REALLY listening to an album because it feels like cheating somehow but i previewed a bit of Hurts Like Heaven and Us Against the World and i am happy with what i heard so yeah, still pumped. Oh and as much as I am a fan of CP, not a fan of anyone collaborating with Rhianna.

  6. Rihanna = -1

    Still, Coldplay do write powerful music. I really loved ‘Paradise’. I know this album will be horribly upbeat, pop, and synth-laden, but I’m willing to go with their new direction.

  7. mylo oxyloto. it reminds me of radiohead’s use of esperanto for ok computer.

  8. They should have kept Rihanna’s vocals for the remix. Now it just sounds like something Chris Brown would do.

  9. Hey Stereogum can we get a Tom Waits comment party?

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  11. woozefa  |   Posted on Oct 17th, 2011 +5

    this is like one of those parties my gf used to invite me to where i sort of like the people but have nothing really to say…

  12. man that first track sounds a lot like phoenix

  13. Could have done without that Rihanna song. Otherwise it’s typical Coldplay

  14. Two or three songs are really, really good, while the rest are a mix of mediocrity and over-production. Lots of atmospherics and big choruses made for arenas, music videos and sing-alongs.

    It’s frustrating, really. These Coldplay albums are almost bursting at the seems with great ideas that are either never explored, thrown under the bus of anti-creativity, or simply watered-down. And I don’t know the reason. They’re already big enough… are they scared of losing fans if they actually push the envelope a little bit?

    • Yep. My teeth actually started to hurt listening to it. They so desperately want to be more than pop but they are either desperately afraid of losing fans or desperately in need of more creativity.

  15. Going to toss this out: Hurts Like Heaven and Charlie Brown are two of the best things that Coldplay has ever done.

  16. thought viva la vida was a good step for them and that it had 2 of their best on it “chinese sleep chant” “lovers in japan”.

    this one is surprisingly flat and uninspired…man….real disappointment…this is the set of songs after that many years of working?

  17. Mylo Xyloto, for me, is a winner. I don’t know why people are reviewing Coldplay like this is some sort of showcase for CMJ where mellowness or is a virtue. This is the biggest pop band in the world. They’re going to go big. Surprisingly, I think they showed a lot of restraint in some of their songs. Don’t Let It Break Your Heart seemed bound to go into a Snow Patrol-esque theatrics but didn’t. Same for Charlie Brown. I could go without the silly Concept narrative and interludes but the songs are top-quality. Charlie Brown, Major Minus, and yes, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall work. Love this album.

  18. It seems like Coldplay has decided to go with the “Go big or go home” model. After listening to this I think it might be time for them to head home.

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  21. I like it, though I don’t like it as much as some of their other albums. I wish they would move back to being more Radiohead-influenced. The King of Limbs just didn’t do it for me, and I was hoping for something that kinda sounded a bit Bends/OK Computer-esque. That said, there are some really good tracks on here. “Don’t Let it Break Your Heart” reminds me of Viva La Vida (the album) in a good way. I’m sure I’ll like it better the more I listen to it.

    • Another thing that just kinda struck me with Mylo Xyloto was how difficult it is for a rock band to have a big crossover hit these days. Neither single from this well-produced, chorus-heavy, and danceable album has peaked higher than #14 on the Hot 100. You literally have to have a four on the floor beat to cross over now. It kinda makes you wonder about what happened to rock music as a popular genre.

      • I think the singles charts don’t mean anything anymore. Rock music is still selling. People listen to their rock albums at home, not on the radio. It’s been happening since the early 90s – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, one of the most important singles in music history, didn’t even get to the top 5 on the Hot 100, and that was in 91.

        • What are “rock albums” that are sellling? I mean you have your Mumford and Sons type things, but I wouldn’t really put that in the same category (at all) as Nirvana, REM, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, etc. type bands.

          • I wasn’t saying so much that Coldplay isn’t commercially successful. My point was that if the biggest rock band in the world (more or less) can’t have a top ten hit on the singles chart, it raises some interesting questions about the marginalization of rock music as a genre to a certain extent.

          • But my point is I don’t think the singles chart have anything to do at ALL with the success of rock music as a genre. You are just talking about the singles chart – and rock bands NEVER did well on them. Just do some research about the Billboard Hot 100: The Who, Talking Heads, Soundgarden, Linkin Park, Radiohead, Nirvana, AC/DC, Foo Fighters, R.E.M., Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Ramones, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, -very successful rock bands from all eras-, they NEVER had a number one single!!! When I say that rock and roll music still sells, that’s exactly what I mean – some recent history: on the US Billboard 200 albums chart, U2 sold almost 500,000 copies of their latest album on the first week. Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida” sold almost 750,000 (and I’m sure Mylo Xyloto will do just as good very soon). Metallica’s “Death Magnetic” sold 500,000 in the first three days of release. You may say that this happened a few years ago – ok, let’s talk about 2011 then, Cake, The Decemberists, Foo Fighters, Evanescence, they all went straight to number one. Do you get my point? Rock music was never successful on any singles chart, especially on the stupid Hot 100.

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  23. think it’s their most consistent album. the sound isn’t exactly the same as their last one but it’s similar and it seems better integrated into a fully-formed aesthetic this time, whereas the last one seemed more like a conscious experiment (by their standards) that was hit-and-miss. “Paradise” is the only obvious dud for me

  24. Why isn’t this happening next week! Some of us are against illegal downloading you know! Money to the Artists, buy it legally!!!

    It has nothing to do with the cease and desist letter from my Internet Service Provider I SWEAR

  25. i honestly dont really like coldplay at all. They got a couple good singles but thats it. I downloaded this album out of sheer curiosity to see how much they suck. That being said, i really fucking like this new coldplay album.

    • Wow, really? This new Coldplay album is terrible. It’s their worst. Then again, it’s got Chris Martin singing in it. So I still like it.

      • Worst? Seems like their best since Rush of Blood. X&Y didn’t try hard enough, the last one tried too hard…this one seems right on.

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  28. So apparently, Princess of China, the duet with Rihanna, is creating a massive buzz in Vietnam because of accusations about plagiarism.

    Hà Trần, a notable artist in Vietnam, released a song called “Ra Ngõ Tụng Kinh” (Pray At The Valley is a general translation) in 2008, and Princess of China has a very much similar intro

    Princess of China:

    Pray At The Valley:


  29. Well that’s a blatant rip off if I’ve ever heard one. Coldplay have Satriani’d themselves again.

  30. “Hurts Like Heaven” sounds like an imitation of “Keep the Car Running” by Arcade Fire

  31. The best song associated with the album — the b-side “Moving To Mars” — isn’t even on the LP. Coldplay don’t know what they’re doing anymore.

  32. I know I won’t enjoy this album because a) my favourite colour isn’t beige b) I don’t think Bono has a lot to say about world politics and c) I don’t still regularly wet the bed.

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