M83 - "Midnight City" Video

The video for M83′s skyward synth epic “Midnight City” concerns an X-Men-esque school for kids with glowing eyes and freaky special powers, and what happens when a group of those kids escapes and has a telekinetic break-stuff party in an empty building. Fleur & Manu direct, and it’s awesome. Watch it below, and shout out to Michael_ for breaking us off with a working embed.

M83′s Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming is out tomorrow on Mute.

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  1. The code I got through Vimeo went down for a few minutes (I believe it was through Division Paris) and it has been up pretty stable since I posted it.. It is:

    I did just notice that visiting the actual Vimeo URL for it says that it’s “private,” though. I blame the kids’ superpowers…

  2. great now I have to clean little blown-up pieces of my mind off my keyboard.

  3. i didn’t think anything could top the great moments of the saturdays = youth videos but this comes close

  4. Kinda reminds me of Warren Ellis’ Freak Angels. :D

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