Tom Waits - Bad As Me

Tom Waits has a new album coming soon, and we’ve already heard the title track and “Back In The Crowd.” Now, the entire album is streaming on If you’re not a part of Waits’s online mailing list, you’ll have to give up an email address to get a code to hear it. That code might take a few minutes to arrive, but it’ll get there. On first listen, the album seems to focus on Waits’s deranged-preacher side, offering up a ton of mangled New Orleans jazz and not as much of the heart-ripping ballads that give so many of us throat-lumps. But what do you guys think?

Bad As Me
is out 10/24 on Anti.

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  1. Hell Broke Luce!!!

  2. Only one listen, so may be jumping the gun, but so far….really great. Best album all the way through in a long while. Maybe since Franks Wild Years. OK, Bone Machine. Just excited that after 25+ years of being a fan that I’m hearing an album that sounds like it will warrant a lot of repeat listens. Great songs, great players, etc., etc., etc.

  3. This one is great. My favorite’s the Last Leaf. There are some slow tunes on the album, and they are very good…I love how he basically uses saxophones and horns as percussion on Chicago and Hell Broke Luce (for which the intro sounds like 15 step, to me)

  4. On first listen I think the entire album is great, but the second half is the best for me. Love the songs with Richards, Kiss Me and Hell Broke Luce

  5. This is a damn good one. I love his falsetto on Talking at the Same Time and Kiss Me is absolutely brilliant. Good ol’ Tom, he doesn’t know how to disappoint.

  6. Very diverse album. I’m looking forward to lunch in about 5 minutes to crank it up and really give it a good listen!

  7. There it is! alright Ill just sum up what I wrote on the coldplay comment party.
    so this is mostly the usual tom waits greatness. but Im on “Satisfied” and that is pretty much ‘Bad As Me’ 2.0. Very appropriate title as well. Hell Broke Luce is incredible, and might be his most topical/relevant song…ever? and I like how the whole album is a combination of tearjerkers and contained madness
    Reminds me of Real Gone, but I like this better. And I loved Real Gone

  8. I’ve listened to this about 10 times…great stuff. Hell Broke Luce is such greatness!

    I’ve waited 7 years for this, and it’s only 45 minutes long–seems way too short! Real Gone was almost twice as long… So that’s annoying.

    Also, not sure if I like the production. It’s pretty mangled throughout, sounds quite awful in places. Even the lofi sound of Real Gone sounds almost pristine compared to this. It might grow on me, but the production is a huge letdown…

    Also, one last gripe — Tom’s voice sounds pretty bad…the vocal reverb thing he does was fine for “Bad as Me,” but there’s too much of it on the album.

    Over all the album doesn’t quite match up to his last few albums in my opinion. Hope the CD release sounds better!


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