Last week, internet fight-starter Lana Del Rey performed on the British TV show Later With Jools Holland. And Girls frontman Christopher Owens, another songwriter who translates classic 20th-century American-pop sounds through his own drugged-up and idiosyncratic vision, wasn’t too happy about it. As Pitchfork points out, Owens posted this on Twitter: “I’ve been asking to play on Jools Holland for years to no avail & now that fool invites Lana Del Rey instead. Yo, you fucked up Jools.”

But hold on! Before we throw Owens into the teeming mass of LDR-haters, a couple of things are worth noting. First: That LDR-dissing Tweet has since been deleted. Second: Owens has since taken to Twitter to issue an apology: “@LanaDelRey Dear Lana, don’t believe what anyone says, I don’t hate you. I got frustrated about Jools Holland. I got jealous, I’m sorry.” “I don’t hate you” is still a long way away from “I like you,” but this will probably not be the opening shot in the great 2012 West Coast indie war.

UPDATE: And speaking of Lana Del Rey, she recently followed up her much-commented-on live video of “Blue Jeans” with a similarly hazy “Live At The Premises” version of (wait for it) “Video Games.” Watch it below.

Yup, still like this song!

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  1. I think Owens’ original tweet hits the heart of the entire Lana Del Rey debate in that while she has put out a few okay pop songs, there are bands like GIRLS who’ve made two whole albums and an EP worth of quality material all on their own (on top of being a proven decent live act) that should take precedence of the music world’s attention. Life isn’t always fair to those who’ve earned it, though, and that’s what sucks.

  2. publicly complaining only makes you look like a little bitch

    • I’m no Lana Del Rey fan, but Girls need some online handlers. I shit you not, my college newspaper once published an article about lead singers that we thought were tools—an inside joke not meant to be taken seriously or even read by people outside the school, which was attended by less than 1,000 students. I contributed a short piece about Chris Owens that was a poor attempt on my part to parody the interviews that coincided with their debut album. Somehow the band found it online and posted about it on their MySpace page. Chet JR White and posted a long-ass comment on the school paper’s website calling me a “bloodsucker” who was “leaching” off the band’s success.

      Needless to say, it was the highlight of my college writing career.

  3. To a lesser extent, looks like someone from Grizzly Bear (I’m guessing Ed runs their Twitter?) isn’t all that impressed with M83′s song title skills…!/grizzlybear/status/126288465301213186

  4. I’m not a huge fan of either act, but come on now: don’t whine about other bands getting gigs that you don’t. That’s one step away from Kanye’s award debacle.

  5. If he really didn’t like her, it would be shocking mostly because of who he has admitted to liking already, namely Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

    • The difference between them and Lana Del Rey is that Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber don’t hide their desires to be pop stars.

      • pure bullshit. did you mean the word “desires”? You probably used the wrong word.

        Because I’m sure that bieb’s DOESN’T desire 100 hoes on his jock dressed as hello kitties and that swift ISN’T a stone cold freakazoid in bed.


    • Did Owens say that he likes Swift and Bieber per se? I thought he was just saying that they have great voices that appeal to a mass audience, so he wanted them to sing his songs and make them big hits.

  6. Where did this person come from? My reader is subscribed to BV, Stereogum, Pitchfork, some local Chicago blogs, etc., and I swear I had never heard of Lana Del Rey until sometime last week, and now it seems like every other post is about her.

    As for Girls, i was really underwhelmed last year at the Pitchfork Festival, but they killed it a few weeks ago at Lincoln Hall. Really much better indoors where it wasn’t 95 degrees.

    • I feel that way about most pop music. I think that because I listen to a certain type of music, and therefore check blogs and sites such as Blogotheque, Stereogum, and Pitchfork, I do not know anything about mainstream music. My friends will talk about big hip-hop hits over the past years, where I have not even heard of the artist.

      As for Girls, I also saw them 2 weeks ago in SF and they were outstanding live. Some bands are just not meant to play at festivals or larger venues such as The Cave Singers and even Beach House. I saw Beach House recently at Treasure Island music festival, and although they were decent, they were much better in a smaller venue.

    • yeah my first thought was “lana del rey”?

  7. No Jools Holland, no worries!!! Go Jimmy Fallon, he’s the coolest guy for Indie…

  8. Her nails are gross. How does she wipe her butt?

  9. I like Girls, a LOT, but I’ll admit that ‘Video Games’ is a song I’ve played much more than any of their individual songs..

    • More than Heartbreaker, Substance, Honey Bunny, Die (my personal fav, so I had to include it), Alright (my 2nd personal fav), Vomit, Forgiveness, Lust for Life, AND Hellhole Ratrace?

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