Preview Mazzy Star Comeback Single "Common Burn" b/w "Lay Myself Down"

Iconic ’90s outfit Mazzy Star is set to return later this month, releasing two singles on 10/31. Hear previews of those singles, “Common Burn” and “Lay Myself Down” via their Amazon pages. While singer Hope Sandoval has remained active with her band the Warm Inventions, this is the first new music from Mazzy Star, which is built around principal members Sandoval and guitarist David Roback, in over a decade.

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  1. Where were these songs when I needed to get my kids to sleep?

  2. This makes the possible demise of Sonic Youth hurt a little a less.

  3. Weak. Sounds like Roback doesn’t have any weird left in him. But we knew that after the Swan thing.

    I guess Kendra’s still hiding out in the woods. And Will is dead, and Steve and Matt are still out of the question.

  4. I type this knowing that I am a bit of a grouch and that for some reason I’ve become increasingly grouchy about indie music despite the fact that I still listen to quite a bit of it, but anyway, when, exactly, did Mazzy Star qualify for “Iconic” status? That seems like a big bit of romantic revisionism.

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