The Stone Roses

The great Manchester psych-rock band the Stone Roses, whose self-titled album is absolutely one that you should have on your iPod, announced a long-rumored, long-denied reunion at a press conference in their hometown today. The band, who broke up acrimoniously in 1996 and who have long denied any possibility of a reunion, will play two shows in Manchester’s Heaton Park next 6/29 and 6/30. If there’s enough demand, the band says they might also play a third show. And given how hungrily people have been hoping for this band to get back together, there is going to be enough demand.

If you’re not too broke, this might be a good time to book a flight across the Atlantic (or, if you’re already across the Atlantic, to find a decent hotel room in the Manchester area). The opportunity to sing along with “She Bangs The Drums” and “Fool’s Gold” in a gigantic crowd of people is not one that you should skip. However, it seems like there’s a decent chance that these shows won’t be the end of the reunion. At the press conference, frontman Ian Brown said, “Our plan is to take over the world,” and that’s not the sort of thing you say when you’re only playing a couple of shows.

UPDATE: The band has also announced that they plan to tour the world next year, and that they may even record a third album. All this seems a little ambitious for one press conference, but still! Holy shit!

(via Manchester Evening News)

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  1. All the reports I’ve read have said that a world tour is to follow.

    I can’t lie, I’m pretty excited about the prospect of this, even though there’s a good chance that a) the whole thing could fall apart before reaching the states, or b) the shows could objectively suck. But I will never put together a “favorite albums of all time” list that doesn’t have the 1989 debut at the top. It’s the greatest album I own, and “I Am the Resurrection” is probably the most perfectly crafted pop song I’ve ever heard. I missed their live shows in their first go ’round. I’m not going to miss them this time.

    Now, if we could only get Mozzer and Marr speaking….

  2. Amazing News!!! tHumbs UP if you thing the Stoen Roses are Fat!!11!1

    • I think I missed something. I keep seeing your posts but I don’t get them. I get that Axl Rose is fat but what does that have do with any of these other posts?

      • Someone (I don’t remember who) suggested that Stereogum commenting was one step closer to youtube because of the “comment of the week,” and was surprised to not yet see comments like the above. So as a “Goof” I’ve been posting comments like the above.

  3. Absolutely one of the greatest albums ever.

    ” album is absolutely one that you should have on your iPod, ”

    iPod? Really? Not own the LP or CD? Or say “have a download of”?

    • Presumably if you have the CD or have a download, you also have it on your ipod/zune/musicplayerofchoice.

      Also, it should be said that the whole era of Roses music around that album is phenomenal. Their b-sides were probably better than anything else being released at the time. If you’re late the party and just discovering the debut, do yourself a favor and pick up Turns Into Stone or the Complete Stone Roses as well. Mersey Paradise, Going Down, and Where Angels Play are worth it. And One Love was a great single.

    • “whose self-titled album is absolutely one that you should have on your iPod”

      along with the extended version of fools gold

      • “Fools Gold” is a great song but kind of a terrible way to introduce people to the Roses. I gave my friend their debut album on the strength of “Fools Gold” appearing on the GTA: San Andreas soundtrack. He liked it a lot but said nothing on there sounded like that song. I agreed and we both wished the band had released more material.

  4. John Squire and Ian Brown are friends again?

  5. Must admit, I own the debut in several formats, and I consider each to be essential in their own way. Perhaps one of the best albums released during my lifetime. (B-sides were often as good as the A-sides of early Roses singles.)

    Now, I will also say Ian Brown is a somewhat unpredictable vocalist in a live environment, so here’s hoping they are working with the rack-mounted version of AutoTune!

    • That’s how I was with OK Computer; I bought that album on CD every time it broke or was lost, and kept one cassette copy, and also bought a vinyl copy.

      I’ve never seen the Roses live, but if I had the money I most certainly would jet across the pond to see them.

  6. They’ll be at Coachella.

    Still Wanna Be Adored.

  7. A few questions:

    1. Does this mean Ian Brown will stop releasing sub-par (read: shitty) solo albums? And

    2. Will Ian Brown stick with the “turn the mic volume as high as possible so I can get away with whisper-singing because I have no singing voice” approach or will Ian Brown filter his terrible singing voice through auto-tune?

    Couldn’t be happier though, The s/t is one of the top 10 albums from the 80s.


  9. Oh my fuck, I was not expecting this. What a magical/musical year it has been!

  10. This is the resurrection (of this band).

  11. My tribute montage to the roses!
    Intro: Stone Roses Press Conference (18th October 2011)/Tightrope/Elephant Stone (12″ Version)/Begging You/Mersey Paradise/One Love/She Bangs The Drums/Love Spreads/Tell Me/I Want to Be Adored/Made Of Stone/Elizabeth My Dear/Good Times/Don’t Stop/Full Fathom Five/Fools Gold/I Am The Resurrection (7″ Remix Version)/I Am The Resurrection (Original)

  12. I will wear a bucket hat in honor of Reni tomorrow!!!

  13. Headline should’ve been “Stone Roses Need Money”.

  14. My birthday is on Saturday, and so far in the past week I’ve seen St. Vincent, met Todd Haynes, been wasted already, and now the effin Stone Roses are getting back together. BEST BIRTHDAY WEEK EVER!

  15. This is the one. This is the wa-onnnnnneeeeee!

  16. Stone Roses aren’t that good at music.

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