Who Should Star In The Steven Tyler Biopic?

I feel like I had some ideas for the Elton John version of this game, but when it comes to Steven Tyler’s biopic, I’m pretty stumped. He should just play himself, like Mr. Burns did in A Burns For All Seasons. Thoughts? Help? Ron Howard’s production company picked this up, which isn’t getting me any closer to a decision, either.

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  1. An anorexic Barbara Streisand.

  2. A tie dyed leather boot.

  3. Jesse Camp is an early favorite on Twitter.

    • Also, I know no one is paying attention to this, but I’d like to note that the Internet’s greatest failing is the inaccessibility or relevant or topical clips from “The Simpsons.” A single day does not pass where I don’t think of a related Simpsons gag and its application into a real world, or real world vis-a-vis GChat, conversation.

  4. christopher walken

  5. a melted candle

  6. Janice from The Muppets.

  7. Martin Starr.

    But then again, I want Martin Starr to star in everything.

  8. BREAKING NEWS – a gruesome tale of how Steven Tyler’s assistant Ray Tabano tried to kill Tyler’s teenage girlfriend to get rid of Tyler’s unborn child. When she survived the fire, Tyler forced her to abort their baby boy while surrounded by doctors and lawyers as he snorted cocaine. His aborted son (later named Mike by Julia) however survived the horrifying late term procedure. He was left to suffocate as his father watched him gasp his first and last breaths of air.

    Julia Holcomb Interview Part 1 – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSxQse70KGA

  9. Johnny Depp.

  10. Liv Tyler. Like Cate Blanchett did Dylan, except awful

  11. definitely a dude…preferably a dude who resembles a lady.

  12. my old fucking catcher’s mitt

  13. @KO: so you mean Steven Tyler himself then, right?
    My choice: the Crypt Keeper, wearing a form-fitting leather mask. He’d probably be a better singer too.

  14. tHumbs UP If you think Stephn Tylar looks like a SkeLeton!11!!LOL!111!*GUNSHOT*

  15. Alternately, I would choose Mickey Rourke. Because really, why the fuck not.

  16. Cheryl Hines. Dead ringer.

  17. Heaven is a place on Earth where you don’t wanna miss a thing.

  18. Hey check out an interesting interview with Director/Producer Ron Howard at: http://culturecatch.com/vidcast/ron_howard

  19. preferably nobody

  20. EASY! Janice Dickinson!

  21. That’s easy: Keith Richards. And Steven Tyler should play Richards in Richards’s biopic.

  22. Steven Tyler, like Howard Stern did. Or Howard Stern, Like Steven Tyler should do.

  23. The Crypt-Keeper from Tales from the Crypt???? I second Joan Cusack though.

  24. If you want SERIOUS feedback. My opinion is a wonderful lead singer for a little known band called Nothing More. They have amazing talent and the lead vocalist Jonny Hawkins is a dead ringer for Steven Tyler!!!! I met this young man and he has serious passion for his band brothers and their music.

    For all others…….if you don’t have a genuine contribution…why bother!!! Move on to the next thing where you think your opinion counts. I have countless opinions on other artists that I believe have no place in the entertainment field but you won’t find me bashing them. It’s a serious waste of my time and my place in this world!!!

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