The Twilight Sad - "Sick"

A Soundcloud snafu had a lot of tracks temporarily and mistakenly going “public” earlier this month, so if you missed your shot at “Sick” when we posted last time, here it is in an official and everlasting manner. Where the previous No One Will Ever Know LP preview “Kill It In The Morning” had a NIN-fused industrial feel, “Sick” ticks with post-Radiohead guitar and dread. In both cases, though, James Graham’s voice gives it all an unmistakable feel. Think “Knives Out” gone Sad:

“Sick” is out digitally 11/15 via FatCat. It comes from the No One Will Ever Know LP, due February 2012.

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  1. cute cover!

  2. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Oct 18th, 2011 +1

    “Knives Out” gone Sad? so…”knives out” ? this is incredibly similar…how could one not think “i wantttttt you too knoowwww”

  3. Ehh, either way, I like it better than the previous track. I came away from that one feeling kinda empty.

  4. Still havent got to grips with the first track they released yet.This one is great.

  5. So much better than Kill It In the Morning… My hope for No One Can Ever Know is restored.

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