Gonna let this one speak for itself. Brandon Flowers discusses the merits of growing up Mormon and avoiding the sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll lifestyle.

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  2. I’m Mormon, and this has been lighting up my facebook feed recently, which is funny because he just says, “There’s still a fire burning there” or something, and people seem to be clinging to it as a beacon of legitimacy for Mormonism. I get the idea that a lot of Mormons think that he’s still very orthodox based on this video, but I’d argue that all we can rightly surmise from his statement he still has positive feelings about the church. Sure, he says he’s a Mormon at the end, but so do I and I’m not totally orthodox–I’m very lazy about church attendance for example, which is frowned upon. My point is that the Mormon community is just gushing about this clip, but they don’t realize that he might be in the same spot as people like me (observing a lot of Mormon practices, but still not 100% orthodox) and not the shining example of strict Mormonism they want him to be. I’m not trying to knock Brandon, because I think this video is inspiring and took guts to make, but I find it interesting how many Mormon people are just gushing over it. If you believe The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is God’s true church, then why should it matter if the singer of The Killers is vaguely associated with it. Relax, fellow Mormons. It’s great that Brandon is associated with the church, but it might be unwise to make him–or anybody–an unofficial celebrity spokesperson.

    • I’m Mormon as well and can understand the angle that you’re coming from. My hopes are that if he had the inclination to name his son Ammon then he’s a little more than just orthodox.

  3. Is he okay? He’s been looking very thin to the point of unhealthy as of late. I don’t know about his mormonism (aka: whatever) but he has a lovely voice, even if all his songs sound exactly the same.

  4. The campaigns for Prop 8 raised $39.9 million largely thanks to #mormon support. lets not forget that his church is anti-gay and anti-gay marriage. I wont be buying any more Killers music. @michaelgalbe

    • Mormons aren’t the only ones fueling the anti-gay fire. :(

    • A couple of things:
      1. The fact that you would stop buying music from the killers simply based on the fact that Flowers is a Mormon is really silly.
      2. Just because Mormons supported something they believe doesn’t make any of them bad people, regardless of how strongly others feel against their opinion.
      3. Mormons are not the only ones out there who are “anti-gay”, there are plenty of other religious people and nonreligious people out there who are against gay marriage.
      4. Being a Mormon myself and a supporter of gay rights, I know first hand that there are plenty of Mormons out there who are not against gay marriage.

    • yeah mormons get co-opted into being anti-gay by non-mormons so really its the bilderberg elite that are the problem (the ones co-opting mormons)

      believing in something that protects your family from socioecomic change long enough to weather the storm and not simply be a ape wheeling materialistic hoping for a greater evolution through technology, is noble and brave and wonderful. he happened to pick a stupid one, but still, he’s ten steps ahead of most baseless sex drugs and rock n roll satanic infleunced music. slutwave here we come

    • Yo Gabba Gabba is a Mormon show. You should stop supporting that too.

  5. 1: I can barely see how this is an ad for anything, considering he just barely alludes to his religious beliefs.

    2: I don’t understand why Joseph Smith chose to write the Book of Mormon in 17th century english. It was published in the 19th century.

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  7. I don’t care what religion he is. He makes good music.

  8. I agree with(naomi). I could care less on his religious orientations. Brandon Creates Beautiful music & I’ll always be a fan! =)

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