Bon Iver on Jools Holland

On the latest episode of the British show Later With Jools Holland, two indie-rock big dogs came through to perform. Bon Iver and Feist, both of whom brought expertly expansive backing bands and ridiculous amounts of stage presence, both generally rocked that show. Bon Iver did the Bon Iver, Bon Iver track “Towers,” and Feist sang “The Bad In Each Other” and “How Come You Never Go There,” both of which come from her new album Metals. Watch all three performances below; it’s well worth a few minutes of your time. Next year’s festival season is already looking pretty good!

(via TwentyFourBit)

Shout out to Colin Stetson, rocking back and forth and generally looking mad intense behind Bon Iver.

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  1. Feist>>>>>>>>>>>>Bon Iver, and here are the videos to prove it.

  2. “It should have been me!” – Chris Owens

  3. Isn’t that Mountain Man singing alongside Feist?

  4. the brass section for feist adds such an element to her live show. lovely.

  5. Is that La Roux singing backing vocals for Feist?

  6. Will you please take your hands out of your acid washed pockets? You’re on television for crying out loud.

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