David Lynch, Life Champion

If there is one easily identifiable reason that most album trailers are worthless pieces of promotional trash, is it is that most album trailers are not made by the man who created the first season of Twin Peaks.* And so please watch and enjoy David Lynch’s trailer for his Crazy Clown Time LP, which already sounds very Lynchy.

Crazy Clown Time is out the first week of November on Sunday Best recordings. Pre-order at iTunes.

* That is not meant to be reductive, in any way — Lost Highway, Mullholland, Blue Velvet, Dune, Eraserhead, etc. are all fair substitutions, as is just about anything with the man’s name on it.

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  1. David Lynch: always the best?


  2. “Now you will see me one more time, if you do good. You will see me, two more times, if you do bad.”

    ** Season 2 of Twin Peaks spun out of control and most of the episodes weren’t even written or directed by David Lynch. The few episodes he did touch were so above and beyond the rest of Season 2, that mentioning Season 1 only is sort of the right thing to mention.

    Y’all saw that cowboy in the trailer, yeh?

    • ***Season 2 of Twin Peaks continues excellently on the same path that Season 1 started and ends with probably the most satisfying and heady episode of television I’ve ever seen. It seems unfair to include only the first season if including Twin Peaks at all. It is common practice for a television series to include many writers and directors. Because of the medium, it is automatically less auteur-driven and so I believe Twin Peaks might have been the worst choice of those listed to accredit to Lynch. In future, when praising Lynch, just go with a film.

  3. Technically his name isn’t on Dune….

  4. this is going to be so good. such a good trailer. only other trailer i have felt remotely intrigued by this year is the Wild Beasts’ Smother trailer.

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