Bombay Bicycle Club

Before they launch into their version of Lana Del Rey’s omnipresent “Video Games” in the live-in-studio video below, the members of British band Bombay Bicycle Club tease a “mystery cover.” Some mystery! At this point, it’d be more surprising if they covered anything other than “Video Games.” Still, the xylophone-driven version is, at the very least, a new wrinkle for the song, and the unnamed girl who duets with the band acquits herself very nicely.

Meanwhile Jamie Cullum’s solo piano take on “Video Games” went down at London’s HMV Forum last night for Q:

UPDATE: Here’s Kasabian’s take on “Video Games.”

At this point, I’m pretty sure Amrit and Scott are trying to make me hate Lana Del Rey. It’s not happening! Not yet, anyway!

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  1. So….does this satisfy today’s quota for Lana Del Rey posts?

  2. ok. I’m beginning to think that LDR isn’t causing the strife as much as the music blogs (including this one) are baiting everyone. troll.

  3. Not to be that guy again (, but that’s a marimba, not a xylophone.

    Also: starting to wonder if the only people who actually hate LDR are Carles and Chris Weingarten?

  4. The girl is Lucy Rose. Check her out

  5. Hey now… A Different Kind Of Fix is a decent album. Decent, I say!

  6. There is a reason all of these acts are covering this song. That reason is that it is an amazing song. Haters be damned.

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