Stream Lou Reed & Metallica's 'Lulu'

You’ve heard “The View,” which most of you guys weren’t psyched about, as well as previews of every track. Now Lou Reed & Metallica’s collaborative effort, Lulu, has hit the web. We’re in this together, now.

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  1. On the topic of leaks, Flo + her Machine is also out there if you want to wash the bad taste of this out of your mouth with something similarly mainstream but contrastingly better.

  2. I can’t believe the first line on this album is “I would cut my legs and tits off”. It sounds like an old man talking nonsense over a mediocre rock band.
    That being said, I enjoyed the album.

  3. Is anyone actually going to subject themselves to this? Those 30 second clips were enough for me, thanks. I mean…guys…that’s the best 30 seconds of music you could come up with? Great, good team. Can’t wait for the Iggy Pop/Megadeth album. Keep em Comin!

  4. I’m a pretty life-long Metallica fan, so please excuse me if any fanboyism leaks through.

    This album is bad. I gave it fair listen. Only a few tracks seem worth listening, but even those are too long. As a person who admires bands who try new things, I appreciate effort of experimentation. Many times they fail; this one failed. The music is not enjoyable. There might be something deeper within the grooves, but most likely not.

    The only reason why a person would by it, is not because it’s a Master of Puppets that gets more interesting and robust upon further listens, but it will be a relic that people point and say “remember when?”. This is an Elephant Man of albums.

    • NOT the movie Elephant Man, a completely watchable and enjoyable movie starring Anthony Hopkins and directed by David Lynch.

      BUT like the actual Elephant Man, as in, “Excuse me, your forehead is poking my eye.”

      Got it.


  5. “I would cut my legs and tits off when I think of Boris Karloff and Kinski” is truly one of the greatest album opening lines of our time

  6. Title of post should be renamed “Lou Reed and Metallica Lulu Bloodbath”.

  7. How progressive of Metallica to stream their album online for free.
    (I’m still not bitter about Napster, or anything like that.)

    • of course, when this album proves to be a massive commercial failure they will find a way to blame it on the free stream.

  8. I can see how somebody thought this was a good idea, but a whole album of this stuff is just waaaay too much. If The View or even Pumping Blood was included on a proper Metallica album then people might be a lot kinder to it – and maybe even be talking about how great it is. But It’s just really hard to listen to more than a few tracks before needing to turn it off. I admire what they’re going for here, but it just falls flat on its face.

  9. this could be the worst album i have ever heard!

    oh… my…god!

  10. Part of me is waiting for these two bands to admit that the whole thing is some kind of elaborate joke. I have to believe that some truly horrible decisions were made to get both Lou Reed and Metallica to such a low point.

    At this point, I want to say theres nowhere to go but up. Then I realize they’ll probably tour this album, and I know we havent hit bottom yet

  11. Can’t say I have listened to the music, but I genuinely like the album cover.

  12. andycasablancas kicks down the door and calls everyone “malicious gay faggots” in 5…4…3…2…

  13. Your move, Mastodon and Harvey Firestein.

  14. maybe i have a higher tolerance for pretentious bullshit than most, but i think i like this more than i should…

  15. I kind of really like this album. This is definitely the most interesting thing Metallica has done in 20 years. I love Lou’s batshit crazy lyrics.

  16. its really a copy paste album, metallica riffs (not structure ellaborated at all), + lou lyrics + hetfield backing vocals, you can really tell this was written and recorded in less than 2 months, theres absolutely no effort to make something interesting, it sounded like a promising idea, but lou and metallica has stop caring about music quality a long time ago..

  17. visual comment…

  18. I’d Rather Hear An Eddie Money & Godsmack Cover Jesus Christ Superstar (<one of the best albums EVER btw).

  19. Lulu is a sexy good time.

  20. Really the only thing keeping me from listening to this is the production. I like Lou Reed, I don’t mind Metallica most of the time, and Lou Reed backed by a hard rock band is something I was willing to try. What I don’t like is the fact that Lou Reed’s voice is pumped up so heavily over the instrumental parts. It kind of shows how hyper-compressed Metallica’s studio setup has gotten over the years, because the drums and the guitars sound super squashed and overall the production sounds uneven.

  21. Lulu would’ve made a great Third Man Records release.

  22. I can’t get over how shitty the guitar + drums sound. They sound like they were made in garageband

  23. all-star teams of musicians don’t really work very often to start with, so i wasn’t expecting much out of this. especially when these guys have all sort of burnt out a while ago.

  24. This album is awesome if you picture muppets performing it.

  25. dummmmmmb…

  26. I’m totally turning off ‘hurry up we’re dreaming’ for this one guys… I analyzed ‘Hesher’ too deep.

  27. did lou or anyone in metallica ever think these two bands, in both separate generations and genres, would maybe never mesh in the first place? they just thought this was a good idea, huh?

  28. Lu Lu La-hu-za-her.

  29. This album is a joke. Metallica needs to give up and just stay with their families and live a simple family life if that’s all the kind of music they can write now in their 50s. I’m sure they have enough money to retire, so retire already. There’s no point releasing bad music and make an a$$ of yourself to your fans.

  30. Listened to this album again today. Man, it is BAD! I mean, don’t blame haters or people who don’t appreciate true art or things like that. This album is SHIT, period. “Cheat on Me” is the only track that I might listen again, just one more time. But that’s about it.

  31. This album is bad. The possibility of it being good was there though. Unfortunately it is Metallica at it’s laziest in terms of coming up with a good riff and Lou at his least melodic ever. Lou has played with the genre of metal for a long time. Nothing as heavy as Metallica but he wrote songs for Kiss and he has had members of the Alice Cooper band on a number of his records including Rock and Roll Animal and Berlin. Bob Ezrin was the producer on Berlin and facilitated those relationships.
    It could have been equivalent to Tom Petty playing on all the american recordings with Johnny Cash but instead it is just an unlistenable mess. Lou Reed has written some of the best songs of all time but this project was miss guided. He would have been better suited with a collaboration with a band like Sonic Youth or Yo La Tango. Great Bands that were inspired by VU and sonically could compliment Reed’s Song writing.

  32. I’m not gonna lie… I’m really really digging the last track. Its the one shining moment of quality here. Makes me want to start playing some Yo La Tengo or Stars of the Lid… I wasn’t expecting this after all those other “songs”.

  33. i heard david lynch is directing a music video of the whole album.

  34. If AIDS could make music, this is what it would sound like

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