Zooey Deschanel Sings The National Anthem

Though she got the gig to promote her Fox sitcom New Girl, hipster queen Zooey Deschanel provided the World Series’ fourth game its most pleasant soundbite, which I guess is a pretty easy thing to do when Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are in the booth. Check out Zooey’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” below.

New Girl airs Tuesday at 9 ET/8 CT on Fox.

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  1. K, so as appealing as Zooey’s doe eyed, pasty, hipster glamour appeals to me (and yes, yes it does), am I the only one to notice:
    a) ‘New Girl’ is a crappy sit com formula re-hash of boring ‘Friends’ style premises, with the added detriment of only having one cute chick instead of three and;

    b) HOLY CRAP, when did it become OK to make the national anthem not just a promo, but an actual frigging INFOMERCIAL for a not even good TV show?!?!?

    • The TV show just began. Why are you so hellbent on dragging it down? It’s certainly nowhere near as bad as you are making it out to be.

    • I agree, except I’d say it’s more like Two Guys a Girl… mashed with cheap 30 Rock knockoffs. Based on the one episode I saw, Zooey’s character is basically wannabe Liz Lemon. Best/worst part: when the black guy walk into Zooey’s room with a basketball for no apparent reason except that, you know, he’s black and black guys carry basketballs everywhere, right?…

      That said, it *is* early, and there’s enough potential that it might improve, but I’ll wait for someone else to tell me it’s gotten good before tuning in again.

      That said part 2, I still have a massive crush on Zooey.

    • I thought she was gonna sing the Radiohead song…

  2. good Zooey, the vocal are on the point, and hey she look so damn cute ! ! !

  3. Dang, she “hit it out the park” so to speak.

  4. I can always appreciate some good Buck/McCarver hate.

    • This is off-topic for a music website, but since I’m not a sports nut, it makes more sense here. What bothers me about these guys announcing is that it seems like I’m listening in to two OTHER guys on their couches watching the game. They’re very informed baseball fans, but some of their asides are so esoteric they seem like they were recalled off-hand by baseball minutiae fanatics. “Pujols has not been very good in the sixth inning with one out, two base runners on third and first after he fouls off the first pitch and the next pitch was called a balk.”

  5. America, the beautiful.

  6. Zooey, do Chanel.

  7. anyone else hoping it was radiohead’s national anthem?

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