Rufus Wainwright and Sean Lennon Perform "Material Girl" at OWS

Weird stuff keeps happening down at Occupy Wall Street (or doesn’t keep happening, ahem ahem, Radiohead) so why not add a Wainwright/Lennon Madonna cover into the mix? Let’s do this, for the 99%. Also: they needed a lyrics sheet?! “Hey, do any of you guys have a laser printer in your tent?” Watch after the jump.

Next on Live From OWS: Zola Jesus and Patti Smith cover Pink Floyd’s “Money.”

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  1. Sean Lennon probably reheased this at the Dakota on a pile of money.

    • wow, i was about to say the same thing. but i guess that S. Lennon had to read the lyrics sheet shows that his bourgeois self doesn’t even bother rehearsing there. occupy wall street…what a joke.

      • Yeah, because Sean Lennon clearly has absolute control over deciding who his father was. As a rule of thumb, criticising someone for who their parents were makes you look like a dick.

  2. one time at a john lennon concert i overheard to guys talking about how they planned to commune with john lennons ghost.

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