Yesterday, we reported that Lana Del Rey had won a Next Big Thing Q Award. And below, we’ve got a video of her being interviewed immediately after winning. The verdict: She still looks a bit nervous, especially when the interviewer asks her about her “background.” Actual information gleaned: Her album’s only about half done, but it’s “supposed to be out in January.” We’ll see!

So: Two things that LDR has to do. She has to figure out how to carry herself like a star if she’s actually going to be one. And she has to come up with a third song.

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  1. Wow. I think I’m in love.

  2. I’m not just saying this to be rude or judgmental, but it seriously looks like she can’t stand the feeling of her own lips. Notice how she keeps licking them and stretching them back, as if they’re irritating her. Maybe they’re dry, I don’t know but add “Get used to her regularly scheduled Botox injections” to the list of things for her to do.

    • I think she’s just nervous.

    • Lol I agree with you on some of those points, but I think she was just nervous about winning an award. Aside from that, I don’t loooove this girl’s music, but I do feel that she isn’t any worse (but quite possibly better!) than the female “musicians” that we see & hear all over TV/the at the moment. That’s not exactly a compliment, either!

      She’s only 25 and judging by this interview, she hasn’t even released a LP yet. She might be good, who knows yet. People are so quick to criticize female musicians, it’s just ridiculous to me.

      • You’re so right. Nevertheless, unhappy Lana’s still confusing me: her public persona we just have sneaked a peek in those two minutes seems like a mixture of cute insecurity and slight cattiness. But maybe it’s just a human thing appearing that multi-faceted.

    • you don’t get botox in your lips, genius

      • Collectively, it’s been decided across all blogs, comment boards and music news sites that “Botox lips” is more humorously condemning than “collagen lips” despite its scientific inaccuracy.

        • “Lips. Botox. Inject your daughter. Slip into death. What? I defended you. Sorry. … Lips. Botox.” ETC – Michael_

  3. ddogdunit  |   Posted on Oct 25th, 2011 +4

    look at those things flapping around. her physical appearance makes me kind of sad. actually lana del rey makes me kind of sad. she’s doomed, no way around it.

  4. A third song? She’s actually released 5 under Lana Del Rey. Do we not count the ones that started showing up on her YouTube before “Video Games” hit? Serious question :)

    Anyways, she’s like a deer in the headlights, poor girl ha-ha…

  5. “She has to figure out how to carry herself like a star if she’s actually going to be one.”

    Um, no she doesn’t. The fact that she’s nervous actually makes me like her more.

    • Exactly. I’m having a hard time understanding why it’s so unacceptable for her to show nerves after just finding out she won an award. Plenty of artists have made careers out of public shy-ness. Marianne Faithful and Michael Stipe come to mind. People need to relax and stop trying so hard to find reasons to hate.

    • I agree. What I’d prefer is for her to be herself. It’s amazing the double standard some people have towards her. Looks? Star quality? Since when do these things matter to indie music fans?

      • I think the idea is that it doesn’t matter under normal circumstances, but Lana Del Rey, being a constructed pop identity, has different expectations. If she were just a singer songwriter, people wouldn’t care about her star presence or whatever, but she’s playing a different sport. Her rise is reliant on both her music and aesthetic — and i’m not necessarily talking about her looks. The old Hollywood footage, the retro film stock, this whole Nancy Sinatra emulation are all things that build a different image.

    • With that said, she talks as if she has no control over her career. Just an observation.

    • Man, that sound like a Tyra Banks comment . People, it seems, are complaining about her being a product and your advise for her is to behave in a more product-like manner?

  6. She’s gorgeous and seemingly vapid.

  7. Have you noticed the way she says “thank you”? I mean… damn girl, you fine as hell.

  8. so Q name her next big thing but fail to spell her name correctly?

  9. In England Rey is spelled Ray.

  10. I don’t think it’s nerves, she’s still negotiating the use her plastic parts

  11. She just doesn’t seem genuine to me. I always have this sneaking suspicion that there are a team of people calling the shots and she’s just the puppet.

  12. This interview is fine.

    • Seriously, I see nothing spectacularly amazing or embarrassing about this interview. The only criticism I have is for the interviewer. “Tell us a little about your background?” how do you answer that without hesitation? and then to ask her to explain why everyone likes her song “videogames”. What is that all about? How do you answer that? Can you imagine what Thom Yorke would say if an interviewer came up and said “So, why does everyone loves your song “Paranoid Android”?”

      I’m not trying to attack or defend her, but all of this discussion about how her image is forced or manufactured is one thing. I would say, from reading through these comments, that for the most part our perspectives on her and her music are forced and manufactured. We are bringing so many assumptions into this short interview that we are making broad brush assumptions about her character based on subtle movements of her lips. We watched a few music videos and read some blogs and now we see that there is a video of her being interviewed and we play detective on it scouring it for data to back up our preconceived conclusions about her.

  13. she looked like she was getting emotional towards the end, or was that just me? very precious

  14. And what about Lana Del Rey? Is she like a virgin or a material girl?! I mean, this girl’s had more reinventions than Thomas Edison. She’s had more boyfriends than Madonna!

  15. She speaks and looks like a character from the Sopranos. Or Steve Martins girlfriend in Little Shop Of Horrors. I’m not really sure yet.

  16. what the hell? she doesn’t even have an album out yet. all this craze over one song, and she gets an award. video games isn’t even original in the least bit

  17. Has she even released a 12″ ?

    “Lana Del Ray Releases Actual Music in an Actual Form” — that’s the headline I’m waiting for.

  18. I don’t know what the fuss is either way. She isn’t that great, nor does she really deserve the back lash that she has been receiving from certain folks.

    • I think her image has been designed in such a way that it’s almost impossible to criticize her. On one hand, she is very much a vapid pop star surgically-enhanced to meet a broader sense of “American beauty,” but she’s doing it in such a way, utilizing retro themes and fashion, that she can say she’s deconstructing the image of female pop stars in a similar vein as Gaga.

      On top of that, she is a female musician, so inevitably her appearance will become a factor in what she’s marketing, no matter what. There’s actually been a backlash against the backlash of people commenting on the soulless way in which she’s marketing her image and defending her right to look the way she does. Basically, it’s unfair to say a pretty girl can’t be pretty to sell records. This ignores we’re discussing music and not print, TV, or film, but whatever.

      Pretty much, she’s found a way to be above all forms of criticism. How long this will last for, I don’t know. But it’s certainly interesting while it lasts, even if for entirely the wrong reasons.

  19. Lana Del Hot.

  20. She recorded a full unreleased album under her real name, Elizabeth Grant and before someone smacked her in the mouth. It’s actually not bad at all. Simple music journalism would have found it by now.

    • simple journalism…or a quick wiki search. of course, we all know wiki can be a bit unreliable sometimes but this article seems legit and it totally backed up with references.

      “The stage name Lana Del Rey came about from managers who believed that a name reminiscent of the high society Hollywood glamour would better suit the kind of music that Grant was making.”

      She’s definitely a beautiful woman and she has some talent…but count me out of this bandwagon. She’s too much of a product.

  21. Really . . who cares about the relative authenticity of the music? The songs themselves are quite beautiful and affecting. If we were to take our cynicism to its logical extreme, we would have to criticize EVERY single artist – because every artist, as soon as they reach some kind of audience, becomes aware of their image and, consciously or not, that awareness feeds into how the image itself is portrayed. Sure, there seems to be some marketing behind the tunes – but who cares? The fact that we’re even aware of possible marketing and can make thoughtful critiques about it is enough to dispel any fears that we are being ‘bought.’ So I hope.

  22. All I can say is that this girl needs to hire a better manager and/or publicist to teach her how to interview. Though I do appreciate her raw honesty but really, save it for the musical performances. The industry will eat you alive is you show it in any other way. Other than that, still think she’s great!

  23. force fed force fed force fed force fed force fed force fed force fed force fed force fed force fed force fed


  24. Is the girl even real? There seemed to be nothing going on upstairs in this interview. Fake lips, fake everything. Stepford Wives as pop stars now?

    • I thought she was quite well spoken, unlike your post, which sounds like something your mother would say.
      “She’s got no personality”
      “FUCK YOU MOM”
      then you become her – your house

      • Wow bro you need to chill there, no need to attack somebody’s home life just because they call your favorite artist a fake

        • you know this is the internet and i don’t know anything about his home life. actually you shouldnt just assume he even has a home to live in. drawing attention to that shit then – mad ignorant.

  25. Look at yourself your lips are like two flaps of fat,
    They go front and back and flappity, flappity flap.

  26. I can feel her pain through the screen. Even if you aren’t prepared to WIN a prestigious award, you should (she should especially) be prepared to talk about winning it. Love her songs, love the image, but agree that she needs to keep speed in person if those things are to progress…

  27. “i know a lot of things but i don’t know about that”
    sounds cool yo

  28. Y’all sound a little jelly

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  30. Is it just me, or is she incredibly sweet?

  31. She has a third song, and it’s actually really good: Diet Mtn. Dew

  32. Jesuschrist I thought Barbie would never make it out of the box. Well done.

  33. i really, really wanted her to say “Who?” when Zane Lowe was mentioned. Oh well.

  34. Jesus, Stereogum – get off LDR’s back. The relentless criticism, questioning and career advice is beginning to get borderline creepy/misogynistic.

    She’s a beautiful singer, Video Games is a gorgeously written and produced song and I really don’t think LDR is trying to be anyone’s indie darling to be torn apart by Stereogum. Success has happened fast for her and I’m sure it’s all a bit overwhelming for her right now – I’d be scared shitless in interviews, too!

    Give the girl a break!

  35. Who wants to take the over/under on the percentage of how many postive comments listed here are actually LDR’s PR team?


    I’ll take the over.

    Over and out,
    Your Face

  36. “Video Games: The Life of Lana Del Rey”. The best tell-all book of the 2020s. Her voice is magnificent, but she sadly has this aura about her, that makes me think she could be a serious “crash and burn” pop story.

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