Man Man - "Pirhanas Club" Video

In the adorably awesome video for Man Man’s “Pirhanas Club,” a little kid responds to the beer-throwing dipshits in his neighborhood by taking inspiration from the great John Waters movie Cry-Baby and forming his own mob of little-kid greasers. They shoplift, they trash cars, they poke a dead cat with sticks, and they finally get revenge on the one kid’s tormentors. It’s pretty amazing. If the sight of a baby two-wheeler rockabilly gang doesn’t make your heart sing, we probably weren’t meant to be friends. Watch it below.

Man Man’s Life Fantastic is out now on Anti.

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  1. Reminds me a little of the video for Justice’s Stress – very interesting new style for Man Man

  2. i had so much fun watching the kids having fun, i forgot to even pay attention to the song.

    anyone who throws their pop at a kid def deserves some fire extinguisher retribution.

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