Odd Future Remix Lana Del Rey

In a connection that only the Internet could have fostered — what would we do without you, and your bountiful expanse, oh world wide web? Did you get my Edible Arrangement yet? — Syd from Odd Future’s side project remixes Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans.” Oh, and her band with Odd Future contributor Matt Martian is literally called “the Internet.” Is shit meta enough for you yet? It’s a rendition that has echoes of Tyler’s “Analog” lurking in the back. It’s cool. Check it out after the jump.

Lana and Odd Future should do a tour together called “Twitter is currently down for unplanned maintenance.” Or for short “Fail Whale.”

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  1. a more accurate title, “Bad remixes Worse”

    • So you’re one of those hipster douchebags I’ve been hearing about,

    • See that’s the problem. someone says Odd Future and people reflexively think Tyler or Earl Sweatshirt. Odd Future is actually a collective of artists. Initially I would have clicked play after just reading the title of the post just to see what kind of hijinks Tyler and others would make this already driven into the ground song of LDR’s more obnoxiously inescapable. Syd the Kid is the person that took on this remix which peaked my interest. The reason why? Her project “The Internet” is one of the best things to come out of Odd Future. Odd Future is more than “rapey” lyrics, there’s some talent there, you just have to dig deeper. Maybe it’s the same for LDR, she just has to release more than two songs to prove it.

  2. Stereogum, subgroup of the subgroup The Internet, subgroup of Odd Future remixes article from Stereogum on the Internet about Lana Del Rey.

  3. Good remix, I’m glad Odd Future decided not to incorporate Lana’s melody into any sort of recognizable harmonic structure, in fact my ears don’t mind at all in remixes when the two elements being blended don’t sound like they belong together for any reason!

  4. Add Kasabian to the list of bands that have covered “Video Games,” btw

  5. At this point I’m just assuming this “Lana Del Rey” is actually some sort of investment vehicle and Stereogum went all in on the IPO.

  6. Great song . . . for me to poop on.

  7. Why does Pitchfork keeping calling her “controversial”? Her lyrics aren’t explicit, there’s no swearing, I assume she’s not racist…

    From what I can gather all that’s supposedly controversial about her is she kind of said fuck off to Lizzy Grant and became Lana Del Rey.

  8. I like both Lana del Rey and Odd Future but this is terrible.

  9. I can’t wait for the dubstep remix!!

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