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Year-end list season is upon us! Historically this is a really fun and peaceable time of year where all your favorite media outlets make lists of all their favorite things and NAIL IT so hard that nobody feels dissatisfied or argues about anything. And yet, we are bringing back our fully realized version of the GUMMY AWARDS, so you can participate in a meaningful democratic process and take some personal responsibility for what albums, videos, new acts, and indie pin-ups are memorialized as the year’s very best and consequently torn asunder for comment-thread posterity. (This year we’ve also added a long-overdue box for Best Song, too.) In addition to those musical categories, we have space for your choices of Best Movie, TV Show, and Viral Video, compliments of our fam at

You vote, we tally and present the results. To sweeten the experience, one randomly selected entrant is going to win a whole bunch of goodies for casting their vote: We’re giving away each of the Top 50 Albums on CD as voted by you, as well as a $100 gift card to AMC Theaters, so you can watch and listen your way into the near year. Not bad.

Cast your vote below. Categories marked with asterisks — i.e., Best Album, and Your Info (so we can contact you if you win) — are required. We’re closely monitoring fraudulent ballots and box stuffing, dear street teamers. You have until 12/6 at 12PM EST to get your votes in. HERE WE GO:

No more submissions accepted at this time.
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  1. Sufjan for Indie Guy Crush and Annie Clark for Female Crush. Everyone else, clear the way.

    And Breaking Bad rules all.

  2. Since it’s hard to remember 11 months of entertainment:

    Ideas for BEST ALBUM:
    Ideas for BEST VIDEO:
    Ideas for BEST NEW ACT:

    I’m sure Indie Rock Crush won’t be a problem for anyone.

  3. I put Kurt Vile as my man crush…

  4. Breaking Bad and Duck Sauce “big bad wolf” should most definitely win their respective categories

  5. actor model brad is just the best

  6. Feeling very conflicted about the idea of Lana Del Rey winning Female Indie Crush. I’m backing Youth Lagoon for BNA, but I feel like it should probably go to SBTRKT.

  7. Since it’s related to this topic, I just posted my Best Songs of 2011 and my top spot has been met with much “WTF” reaction. Seeing as we’ve grown closer together over the past year, I’d love to read everyone’s thoughts!

      • My site link is in my profile. I keep it stowed away there so as not to look like a shameless plugger and let anyone who actually wants to visit check it out at their own discretion!

        • Trash Talk kick ass! I bet you’ve made Brandon happy and that’s all that really matters, right?

          • I aim to please no one with my picks ;) It’s actually been a really interesting experience, this being the first year that my blog has been up and running publicly alongside giving it a Twitter account and Facebook page just to have. I find it funny to see how a large amount of new people will “follow” me after say, a post on Drake — but my site isn’t Drake central and he’s probably one of the few hip-hop musicians I do cover. Along comes a few posts on hardcore or punk bands, and away those followers go. That doesn’t bother me, though. I get a small handful of long-term readers from actual retweets by the hardcore / punk bands themselves, which probably means more to me than two dozen wannabe DJs trying to get me to post some Rihanna remix they made on SoundCloud.

    • Loved the nod to “Still Life”

      Also clutch you put in HEALTH’s cover of “Goth Star” — seems like cheating but I’m glad you allowed it :)

  8. Merrill Garbus for girl crush for sure.

  9. How can I say what the best album is if Undun hasn’t come out yet?

  10. Louie, y’all.

    best show + man crush


  11. “Lonely Boy” for song and video sweep, y’all!

  12. Yukimi Nagano for female crush and WIldfire by SBTRKT for song.
    I just hope SBTRKT gets something seeing as it’s been in heavy rotation since its release pur moi.

  13. Andrea Estella for girl crush. Ryan Gosling man crush. No messin

  14. I can’t vote until I hear The Roots, Undun in its entirety.

  15. I voted Handsome Furs for everything. I have a crush on both of them.

  16. Bon Iver and Zooey Deschanel totally should wed.

  17. nobody’s talking about the most important category. The best video is Going To The Store. Can we all just agree on that? I mean, the others are all good, sure we know that. But only Going to the Store gives me the, well, guys I have the weirdest boner watching that video.

  18. Also I guess it’s time for my annual google the name of the girl who plays cello for Ra Ra Riot. Why she hasn’t won the “crush ” category yet is a blight on humanity.

  19. What about comment of the year?

  20. Sometimes I hate that it only asks for your number one in all these categories! Wishing I could have repped Gauntlet Hair for second favorite new act of the year.

  21. GUYS Celestial Shore for best new act! They are so friendly/ good at their jobs (music).

  22. I listed Destroyer – Kaputt for best album, song, and video.

  23. waaay too early to pick a movie yet, as all the good ones are only starting to be released. left it blank.

  24. Best film for me was Autoluminescent, dude was Dracula with a guitar. Everyone go see it and cry a little bit at the end.

  25. Iceage most certainly should win (at least in my humble opinion)

  26. Shabazz Palaces for everything. EVERYTHING.

    Even crush, I got a man-crush on Ishmael.

  27. Considering that there are no predetermined nominees, this award thing should turn out interestingly.

  28. mirror traffic is easily the best album of 2011

    also, i never saw any of those viral videos but was forced to vote for one. I suspect the first one will win, since it was already ticked on the ballot.

  29. One artist, eh? I went with PJ Harvey and I’m not sure why. Also great: Shabazz Palaces, John Maus, The Men, Fucked Up, Wolves in the Throne Room, Altar of Plagues, Clams Casino.

  30. young galaxys we have everything has to be best video

  31. I hope people don’t overlook Azealia Banks as Indie Crush. Cute drama major and foul mouthed rapper who talks about her “cunt gettin eaten”. <3

  32. The best new Artist category is tough.
    Nicolas Jaar
    Royal Headache
    Total Control
    Amor De Dias
    Case Studies
    There were so many good debuts from artists this year!

  33. We need a best remix category.

  34. Finally choosing Bon Iver’s ‘Holocene’ over Duck Sauce’s ‘Big Bad Wolf’ was the toughest choice there for me.

  35. The best viral video of year was “Beyonce Makes Fan Sing”… but it wasn’t a choice, so I was forced to put it down for best Movie.

  36. Best video: Fight for Your Right Revisited.
    No doubt about it.

  37. MY crushes this year are Lana Del Ray and James Blake.

  38. Doesn’t it seem like there really hasn’t been a stand out album this year? Reckon EYE CONTACT is the best tho.

  39. St. Vincent for everything.

  40. No love for M83 yet? That’s my album of the year anyway.

  41. Say what you guys want about Lana, but video games is still a tremendous song.

  42. I’ll bet Dancing with Swords wins best Viral Video as it is automatically selected for everyone who doesn’t choose one.

  43. das racist – relax for album of the year

  44. Totally forgot about Nicolas Jaar’s Don’t Break My Love EP when I voted.

  45. Aaargh! Is anyone else regretting not thinking hard enough about this before submitting their answers? How could I forget Jenny Lee Lindberg as my crush? She’ll never let me sleep with her again!

  46. it’s so hard for me to pick the best of the year. There are some very good releases I feel like other people will forget (Ryan Adams and R.E.M. come to mind), but there are some just undeniably great albums like Thank Me Later and Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


  48. [img][/img]

  49. Never mind, just go to this link for a pic of Maria Linden:

  50. Best New Song: M83 – Midnight City

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