Beyonce - "Party" Video

In some sort of historically massive downgrade, the video for “Party,” the Prince-funk jam from Beyoncé’s album 4, replaces the great Andre 3000 guest appearance of the album version with an absolutely nothing verse from new guy J. Cole. No matter. Beyoncé continues to make great, sparkly videos. This one takes place almost entirely at a trailer-park party, and it makes that look like an improbably joyous place to be. Beyoncé’s old Destiny’s Child sidekick Kelly Rowland shows up for a cameo, and it’s fun to see those two together again. Her sister Solange also plays a DJ. Beyoncé and Alan Ferguson direct. Watch it below.

4 is out now on Sony. This is the sixth video from it, and I wouldn’t mind a few more.

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  1. Also spotted: cameos by Devonté Hynes and Rewards (ex-Chairlift’s Aaron Pfenning) in that Solange DJ scene.

  2. Damn, I thought Lady Gaga released videos fast. Hopefully she’s doing this so she can take a few years off after she has her baby. She deserves a nice break, one that lasts more than a year.

    Someone else that needs a break is Rihanna, she basically releases a new album every year. She came out in 2005, and this year she’s releasing her sixth album! I thought Beyonce was over-saturating the market at one point–but Rihanna proved me wrong.

  3. Who “Inspired” her this time?

  4. J. Cole killed it…literally; that was awful. Jay-Z is spending no expense to shoe-horn him anywhere.

  5. Her videos are getting worse and worse.

  6. LOVE This video and J’s verse but Cant Get Enough is probably my favorite Cole video so far
    Check it at­-get-enough-clean-version/USQX91101318?­recSrc=artB&source=watch

  7. that blonde white guy is a freak.
    missing both ye and 3000 – such a let down for such a good track.

  8. I just keep asking myself, what the hell happened to Andre 3000?

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