In their infinite wisdom, the still-ridiculously-popular Coldplay recorded a version of “We Found Love,” the monster new dancepop single from their “Princess Of China” collaborator Rihanna, for the BBC. With their downbeat, piano-led version, Coldplay have effectively transformed “We Found Love” into a Coldplay song, though they’ve managed to do it without squashing the chorus’s catchiness. Listen to it below.

In related news, Coldplay sold about 450,000 American copies of their new Mylo Xyloto last week. That is a lot of copies! Also, CNET reports that Coldplay have refused to offer any songs from the album to streaming services like Spotify, Rhapsody, and Rdio. And also, Coldplay were guests on Ellen this morning. We’ve got videos of them performing and being interviewed below.

(via NME)

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(via Consequence Of Sound)

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  1. This kind of proves to me that the Rihanna version could have been really good if it was produced much differently. I’m not a fan of how it sounds like a dance remix version of Coldplay’s cover.

    • Agree to disagree, Rihanna’s range really makes it work as a club banger. Trying to turn it downbeat just sucks the wind out of it and makes you realize how boring the song on its own really is.

      • Agree to disagree is right. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always considered the dance style in the Rihanna version to be the most dumbed down form of electronic music. There’s really nothing inventive or trying about it. It’s like turning on the KISS FM radio in your car on a Friday night at 11:30pm to find yourself in the middle of their weekend dance party block, and trying to understand why someone decided that remixing Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” into a club track would be a good idea.

        • some people like to have fun with their music. just sayin’.

        • If your main criticism of a Rihanna song is that it sounds too much like a straightforward radio dance song, I think maybe you just don’t like straightforward radio dance songs. Which is fine and all, but some people do like straightforward radio dance songs, and that’s also fine.

          The argument that a Rihanna song sounds like it belongs on a radio dance block isn’t so much an actual criticism as just a statement of the type of music you enjoy.

  2. I don’t think Coldplay did anything interesting here. I actually love the Rihanna song. I much prefer it.

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