Another Halloween and you’re going as Sexy Butch Vig again? If you’d just planned ahead you could’ve went as the ghost of Kurt Cobain. It’s a very difficult costume to pull off, but there are literally dozens (i.e., a couple of) online stores to help you out. It’s the 20th anniversary of Nevermind after all. So tonight, after your Gus Fring getup fails to win any prizes (Halloween is about prizes, right?), come back and bookmark these costume retailers for next year…


$15.95 at costumekingdom

Man, it really smells like teen spirit in here! Nevermind, it’s probably just all that bleach! If you’re looking for a Halloween costume that doesn’t give a crap about being Hollywood and wears flannel like it was Prada, you need to check out the Kurt Cobain Wig!

Our Kurt Cobain Wig comes in dirty blond and is a shag wig. The different layers are messy and disheveled and are reminiscent of that great grunge icon, Kurt Cobain! So when your Halloween invite says, “Come as you are,” you know what to do! Grab this wig and have a great time!


$15.95 at

When you are working for attaining nirvana, nevermind what you look like! You can come as you are, even smelling like teen spirit, to step into the shoes of a Grunge God! To channel the spirit of the 90s in your Halloween costume, order our Kurt Cobain Wig and get ready to rock!

Our Kurt Cobain Wig comes with a shaggy blond mass of hair! This two-toned wig is dark at the roots and fades into lighter blond hair towards the tips! The ends of this chin-length wig will stand out against any plaid shirt you would wear with it! So grab your favorite flannel, slip into your comfortable Doc Martens, and share your rage with the world in this amazing 90s wig!

3. “Kurt Cobain Grunge Costume”

$32.99 at

He was called a genius and a visionary. No matter how you slice it, Kurt’s impact on the music industry is still felt today. Dress up like an alt-rock hero in our Kurt Grunge costume.

2. “Adult Kurt Cobain Wig”

Out Of Stock at

Wear those greasy blonde locks just like a grunge rock star. Pay homage to the king of grunge in this Kurt grunge star wig.

1. “Men’s Grunge Kurt Cobain Costume Wig”

$29.99 at brandsonsale

This cool grunge wig is just what you need to finish your Curt Cobain costume. Find all you need with our other great costume accessories.

I don’t know who Curt Cobain is, but he looks like Too-Old Garth From Wayne’s World and that’s scary. Trick or treat, lamestains.

Comments (55)
  1. Looks like they really did rape him.

  2. Do any of them come in a Heart-Shaped Box?

  3. Who is Kurt Cobain?

  4. Ugh, “Men’s Grunge Kurt Cobain Costume Wig” is only number 1 because you guys and Pitchfork are all over brandsonsale’s nuts (and its not brandsonsale’s best costume). Everyone who’s not a lemming knows that costumekingdom’s “Kurt Cobain Wig” is way better.

  5. Although, if “Kurt Cobain Wig” had been a single wig instead of two separate wigs, then yeah, it could’ve been classic. Also, I didn’t realize this list was for “most ridiculous.” Carry on.

  6. #2 looks like Jared Leto from 30 Seconds of Farts.

  7. Wow. You can’t just put on a flannel shirt, converse, and mess up your hair? You have to buy a costume? I think I’ll be “the head of marketing for a costume company” for halloween.

  8. If the last guy had spectacles, it’d be a much better Garth Algar costume

  9. #1′s not from a real catalog, is it? You guys just googled “depressed man looking to score any sort of drugs or beer or anything before his mom gets home from her date,” right?

  10. #3 is actually kinda cool if you wanted to go as Grungy Where’s Waldo. #5 looks more like they took a Jennifer Aniston from Friends wig and stuck it on a bearded dude.

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  12. That’s a lot of eyeliner.

  13. hate to be this guy and i don’t wanna be a dick, but is this article freals? i see 4 wigs. not 5 costumes that are ridiculous and for sale as advertised by the headline. why was this article written? and why did i click on it? oh well. (for + real = freal)

  14. Kurt Cobain would kill himself if he looked like that.

  15. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  16. So whats so amazing about Kurt Cobain that you’re not allowed to talk shit about him? I think all of you people are just pussies who can’t handle the truth. The retard SHOT HIMSELF…lets idolize shitty musicians who kill themselves..YEAH COOL!

  17. Rape me….Rape me Again! Wow they are really raping Kurt, this is fucking ridiculous I laughed at every single one of these, I can’t say that I didn’t dress up as kurt cobain for halloween though but all I had to do was poor ketchup on my head, I already looked I guess you could say “grungy” but damn poor bastard, so sad so so so sad. I wouldn’t doubt he’d laugh his as at all the cheesyness of it though, who comes up with this shit :P

  18. #3 looks like Daniel Johns from Silverchair when he was 15 :P

  19. Number 1 looks like Christopher Walken if his acting career failed.

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