1. Liars - "Army of Me"

Liars On “Army Of Me”
“We were in Belgium when we got this call. I became sleepless with excitement — tossing and turning thinking of Post. Immediately my brain got stuck on that bass line from ’Army of Me.’ All night in my head it went: Duh nu nuh nu nuh nu nuh de Duh nu nuh nu nuh nu nuh … In the morning when i woke up i was convinced those notes were the same as some Rage Against The Machine song. I told the guys, we thought it was funny.”
- Angus Andrew

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  1. Dan  |   Posted on Mar 31st, 2008 0

    amazing, dudes. if there was a bjork song to do, you picked the right one.

  2. Lukas Suveg  |   Posted on Mar 31st, 2008 0

    wow. excellent way to start a great compilation!
    nice work, liars.
    and thanks, stereogum. I love these tribute albums.

  3. al from hell  |   Posted on Apr 3rd, 2008 0

    wow. pretty shitty interpretation. no more of the great vocal hookline and the drumloop half as fast – what a lame idea…

    you ruinied one of the best bjork songs here… what a shame and a absolute turn-off to listen to the other songs.


  4. Phill p  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2008 0

    Awful awful awful!!! It sounds like someone put them in a blender and set it puree. The rhythm was slow the vocals were highly distorted and they really over did it with the sound effects very poor job for really good song I am highly disappointed!

  5. This sounds horrible, like a tape that has been too much time under direct sunlight. You guys really are Liars, you ain’t musicians you are simply lame clowns destroying someone else’s work. Take a shower and stay away from making more of this crap.

  6. Sam  |   Posted on Jun 22nd, 2008 0

    that sucked…and i like liars

  7. This is an amazing interpretation ! And its slowliness is great, its originality compared to original track is great . If someone don’t like it, that just means this person is stupid or child. You don’t know what is the music and how different it can be.

  8. Beaux  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2008 0

    Bjork has been a major influence to me… this album is sooooo inspired.

  9. joe  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2009 0

    what’d you guys do spend a day on it ?

  10. Cute photos in there.

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