Volcano Choir, Justin Vernon’s collaborative project with state-mates Collections Of Colonies Of Bees, introduced itself with the striking “Island, IS,” a track we noted “released Vernon’s falsetto from its plaintively strummed trappings, pairing it instead with a hypnotic world of COCOB’s loops, synths, percussion, aural ephemera.” Still, as a first shot from the “experimental” project, it read first and foremost as a “song.” Opposite that is the album-closing “Youlogy,” a freer flowing piece that’s considerably airier, minimal, and less structured. Its neologistic punnery is apt: Vernon delivers displaced-gospel vocals while Collections’ craft dissonant ambiance and scattered banjo plucks into something haunted and ethereal. File under: Music for cemeteries. Hear it at NPR.

Volcano Choir’s Unmap LP is out 9/22 via Jagjaguwar.

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  1. Does that Banjo’s head look exceptionally big?

    Does that comment sound unnervingly sexual?

  2. smooth… very quiet… looking fwd to the full album which should create a good atmosphere

  3. thumbs up! : )

  4. why won’t this just leak already?

    sounds like these wisconsin kids are channeling death+soul+angels.

  5. matthew  |   Posted on Aug 26th, 2009 0

    banjo heads can be many different sizes. the larger the head, the deeper the twang.

  6. the banjo head is larger than normal. Gets a deeper tone. No bluegrass here.

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