Flaming Lips Release 24 Hour Song

The latest product of the Flaming Lips’ sonic experimentation is a 24-hour-long song called “7 Skies H3,” which is, you know, a full 18 hours longer than the recent “I Found This Star On The Ground.” If you were fretting about Halloween playlists, fret no more! You’re good until tomorrow. Head to flaminglipstwentyfourhoursong.com to hear “7 Skies H3″ (only 999 can listen at a time, though) and if you want the physical version, all you gotta do is hand over $5000 for a hard-drive containing the track encased in a real human skull. Collector’s item!

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  1. hmm practically a year’s college tuition money OR a real human skull with a crazy 24 hour song with which I could soundtrack an entire day.. this is tough. Unfortunately I would prefer to have money for food this year, so I’m wondering if there is a third possibility where I forgo the human skull but can still maybe download the song?

    Also does the skull come with the fur blanket and melted lead looking stuff on it?

  2. As I just said to one of my friends, I can’t afford this so I’m going to have to do a DIY version.

    Where can I download this song?
    Where can I get a cheap blank usb to put it on?
    Any volunteers for the other part?

  3. Hey check out an awesome video interview and performance with the talented singer Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips at: http://culturecatch.com/vidcast/wayne-coyne-flaming-lips

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