9. White Hinterland - "I Miss You"

White Hinderland On “I Miss You”
“I didn’t grow up listening to Björk, but have always liked whenever something of hers would come on a friend’s stereo. The first time hearing this song, I was simultaneously attempting to learn it. I think that leaves little in the way of previous architecture to battle with while making the song “your own.” Since Matt’s drums were stolen, he ended up using pots & pans for percussion. The rest involved a RCA mic from ’52, a borrowed casio SK-1, a distortion pedal, and a suitcase rhodes. Just for a laugh, we also mixed a version where the entire song runs backwards, and I almost sound like I’m singing in Icelandic. We plan to listen to soon while in an altered state.”
- Casey Dienel [Photo by Tod Seelie]

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  1. scrumptiously filling my ears with delight

  2. Cricket  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2008 0

    a fine little jam.

  3. this is my favourite. what a wonderfully natural and contrasting interpretation. the longing of the lyrics are really emphasised by the song being quieter in the main. I adore it.

    beautiful and enchanting. thank you!

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