10. El Guincho - "Cover Me"

El Guincho On “Cover Me”
“At first, I asked my ex-girlfriend to record some voice tracks for the song and tried to figure out how to fit it with another idea that I had: Like a 6-8 minute trip inspired by the remix Walter Gibbons did for Indian Ocean’s ’Treehouse/Schoolbell.’ But I ended up discarding the Indian Ocean idea and went a little bit old school UK garage! The other track I was working on sounded kinda similar to the original, like I was looping some all the original parts of the song and using a female voice, too, so I thought it was interesting to try a simple 2-step beat under the same universe, keeping the structure but changing the vocals and the vibe, kinda like dressing Björk in dirty clothes and taking her to the place she’s trying to avoid in the lyrics. I am super excited to be a part of this.”
- Pablo Díaz-Reixa [Photo by Mawashi Geri]

VIDEO: Watch El Guincho discuss Björk…

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  1. who is this hottie interviewing the guincho? will be see more of her in future interviews? is this the start of stereogum.tv?

    • i think thats shay hess (sp?)

      she did some of the interviews for the sxsw coverage on stereogum and i think she was on AOL somewhere.

      ohhh and this is a nice jam

  2. JAJAJAJA, yessssssssss.


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