Washed Out - "Call It Off"

Amor Fati,” a cut from Washed Out’s Within And Without, is set to be released on a 12”, and today a new song from that record, “Call It Off,” dropped. Download the track after the jump.

The Amor Fati 12” is out 11/7 on Weird World. The release also features remixes of “Amor Fati” by Clams Casino and Au Revoir Simone.

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  1. I love Washed Out’s first cassette and EP, but this full album was underwhelming for me. Less dreamy somehow, songs didn’t really go anywhere. Still, better than most music out there, so I can’t complain much.

  2. Washed Out is hugely underrated.

    • You spelled “overhyped” incorrectly.

      I’ll be the first person to say Washed Out is some damn good music…I’m mostly referring to the earlier stuff but there are a few tracks on the new record that are pretty good. But once you get familiar with the whole catalogue, and especially if you’re a musician and know what it takes to do what he does, his music gets old real quick. I was really hoping he’d mature more for the last release but it’s actually less impressive…which is a shame, considering the first record is mostly comprised of easily identified samples from older songs from other artists.

      This song has a vocal line that is way too similar to “Hold Out.” There’s not enough variation in his stuff…and that’s not an opinion, it’s a measurable fact.

  3. Every time I remember he’s married I just wanna break down and start bawling

  4. whoa connected.

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