Neon Indian Soundtracks Victoria's Secret Angel Ad

Neon Indian’s “Polish Girl” soundtracks the latest Victoria’s Secret ad, which you know, is a pretty sweet placement for the Brooklyn-via-TX band even if Alan Palomo doesn’t get to lurk around the commercial leering like some others got to do. Watch the spot below.

It’s actually M83′s “Midnight City!” I got them confused (I suppose there’s a reason we put them back to back in our monthly mix). All apologies.

In terms of indie rockers scoring Victoria’s Secret ads, M83 is hardly a head-scratcher, relatively. Check out Joanna Newsom’s spot from 2009.

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  1. who the fuck is running this website? shouldn’t you know the music you post about? lol this is M83′s “Midnight City” not Neon Indian…

    • Why is this downvoted?? God SG gets called out for such an over-the-top error. That’s some embarrassing shit, right there.

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  3. m83, close though. both songs have uh, synthesizer melodies and…reverb

  4. jesus. too slow, good job internet

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  6. This article is great and I forgive Corban for the mix-up. I know he probably spends more time listening to new Drake tracks than M83 or Neon Indian.

  7. This is my fault! I saw the commercial as I was falling asleep last night and sent to Corban w/ the wrong artist. FORGIVE ME, Y’ALL?


    Just mute the video and play “Polish Girl” over the video AND FIX IT YOURSELF!

  9. Really guys, it’s fucking it’s half-naked chicks! Does it really matter? Get over yourselves, I didn’t know there was music till you bitched.

  10. i’m gonna mash em up

  11. Lame. This album just came out. At least give us a year or two to enjoy it before we start subliminally associating the song with push-up bras or outback steak dinners or whitening toothpaste. Did no one want to license Kim and Jesse?

  12. The song was also in How to Make It In America on HBO this past Sunday.
    Eff why eye

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