UPDATE: Replica, Oneohtrix Point Never’s entire new album, is now streaming online. We’ve got it below. Thanks to Michael_ for the tip.

The video for Brooklyn synthwave magician Oneohtrix Point Never’s track “Sleep Dealer” might be even weirder and more disorienting than his animation-heavy video for “Replica.” In the “Sleep Dealer” clip, all we get is repeated disconnected images. At least a couple of them seem to come from beverage commercials, and all of them are made to look disturbingly Lynchian. And for some reason, barely a minute long, way shorter than the actual track. Inga Copeland and Dean Blunt direct. If you’re looking for a way to plunge your post-Halloween hangover into disturbed territory, click away below, where we’ve also got the track for download.

Replica is out 11/8 on Software/Mexican Summer.

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  1. I’ll save you a few keystrokes in the future and let you know that you really don’t have to give me credit every time I send in a tip. However, all other readers should know that the Stereogumshoes do read the e-mails sent their way, so if you think it’s important and should be up on the site, send it their way! Also, I named my Best Breakthrough Artists of 2011 today. It’s officially year-end list season.

    • Nah, man take the credit. That gives people a reason to look into your site and a reason for you to send traffic back to SG.

      • That is a solid point — Helping the big guys here and paying it forward is exactly why I submit tips. I also didn’t mean to pull a “shameless plug,” but I am excited that it’s list season. Mr. Dream even tweeted me a thanks for naming them to my Best Breakthroughs list, when it’s like, “Why are you thanking me?! You’re the one making the great music!” Same case here: If I see it covered soon after I submit the tip, I’m just glad I could help out.

        • All this thought about further, thanks for the shoutout and ignore my initial comment. I’m way too modest, and it’s probably about time that I start giving myself a bit of credit.

  2. I hate the fact that I don’t really care for this album :(

  3. Oneohtrix Point Never can be summed up like this:

    The tracks are fun little snacks. They’re easy to digest and have a bunch of engaging vintage synth references in sound…buth that’s pretty much it. It’s way more interesting to some non-musicians who were born post-1980 because most of those people might actually think OPN’s music is breakthrough and fresh…but there’s really not much going on, it’s easy to make, and it’s been done a thousand times before. There are synth entusiast geeks on gear forums and youtube that have been churning out the same interesting-to-listen-to-while-stoned-staring-at-the-stars-but-you-don’t-care-after-5-listens shit for years but maybe they didn’t have a cool enough name or weird enough videos for the blogosphere to notice. It’s like anyone with a Prophecy, DX7, MS20, and some delay pedals can get a googly-eyed sucker at Pitchfork to give them an 8.8 these days because that reviewer thinks it took magic to make that wooshing sound.

    No offense to OPN, because I’ve enjoyed some of the tracks. But anyone hyping this stuff up as visionary or important doesn’t know their ass from their elbow when it comes to electronic music.

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