Drake - "The Motto (Feat. Lil Wayne)"

Drake took to his October’s Very Own blog to post “The Motto,” a bonus cut that closes the forthcoming Take Care. It’s a playful, uptempo cut that recalls some of the early Wayne/Drake interplay on Drake’s So Far Gone and Wayne mixtapes like Dedication II. Grab it after the jump.

The track list, which was revealed yesterday:
01 “Over My Dead Body”
02 “Shot For Me”
03 “Headlines
04 “Crew Love (feat. The Weeknd)”
05 “Take Care (feat. Rihanna)”
06 “Marvin’s Room” / “Buried Alive Interlude”
07 “Under Ground Kings”
08 “We’ll Be Fine”
09 “Make Me Proud (feat. Nicki Minaj)
10 “Lord Knows (feat. Rick Ross)”
11 “Cameras” / “Good Ones Go Interlude”
12 “Doing It Wrong”
13 “The Real Her (feat. Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne)
14 “HYFR (Hell Ya Fu**in Right) (feat. Lil Wayne)”
15 “Look What You’ve Done”
16 “Practice”
17 “The Ride”
18 “Hate Sleeping Alone (Bonus)”
19 “The Motto (feat. Lil Wayne)”

Take Care is out 11/15 on Young Money. No “Club Paradise?” Interesting.

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  1. See, I told you guys that Corban was preoccupied with some Drizzy content…

  2. FYI Drake was not on the Dedication II.

  3. Sounds like their channeling Mase.

  4. Come on Stereogum…..I thought you were better than this.

  5. no wheel chair, no care.

  6. What pisses me off more than Club Paradise not being present, is the lack of Dreams Money Can Buy. WFT! Damn you Drizzy.

  7. WFT? WTF indeed.

  8. The fact that this iz the album closer gets me feelin mad anticipatory.

    • I loved your comment until I saw your facebook picture. Now I don’t know. But now I’m wondering why the Chase you’re in looks so blade runner. But then your fucking pants are down and you’re grabbing your dick so you’re either funny or should experience prison, just as a lesson. Like scared straight (no homophobo).

      I don’t know.

  9. its what you’ve been waiting for. Take Care Album Review. http://bit.ly/sOBjfb

  10. Dont understand why I get thumbs down?

  11. b/c u dumb

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