Cloud Nothings - Attack On Memory

Steve Albini produced Cloud Nothings’ new LP, Attack On Memory, and you get a sense of that immediately via “No Future/No Past,” the first track from that release. Gone are the warm melodies of 2010′s self-titled LP, here replaced by a tense, brooding guitar line that devolves into a screaming chant. We’re excited to hear the rest. Download the song after the jump.

Attack On Memory is out 1/24 on Carpark.

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  1. I hate to pre-emptively scream “Early candidate for best album of 2012,” but it’s hard not to after hearing this. The jump forward Dylan Baldi and the guys sound to be making here is huge, and Steve Albini producing sweetens the deal. It very much sounds like it could have sat pretty with some of the releases by Dischord Records during the ’90s.

  2. This is so good.

  3. Yeah this is really Good!!!!

  4. I always confuse Wild Nothing with Cloud Nothings. Prefer the former but this is an interesting change up.

  5. Seeing them this week. Actually looking forward to hearing the new stuff.

  6. Saw them at Criminal Records in ATL cuz I couldn’t get into their 18+ show w/Toro. hope this record is as good as this single!

  7. What I thought I wanted was a new Cloud Nothings bopper to brighten up my night, what I got instead was something in between Nirvana and The Microphones, and I am all the better for it.

  8. Damn, when I reviewed the self-titled earlier this year (which I loved) I would have NEVER thought that this would happen. So fucking fresh. I’m with you guys – can’t wait to hear the rest.

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