Rostam - "Don't Let It Get To You"

Back in September, Vampire Weekend multi-instrumentalist and producer Rostam Batmanglij posted a new track called “Wood,” a lighter-than-air Bollywood/classical/pop fusion, on his Tumblr. Today, he’s followed it up with “Don’t Let It Get To You,” a glimmering electronic pop piece. Listen to it below.

(via Rostam’s Tumblr)

Rostam has to have some plan for these tracks, right? They’re too good to just be random Tumblr posts.

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  1. This sounds a lot like Rostam’s Discovery project of a few years ago…meaning that I like it quite a bit.

  2. i know vampire weekend gets compared to Paul Simon a lot so this shouldn’t be a surprise, but those drums sound a lot like “rhythm of the saints”.

    • Definitely. And the melodies kinda sound like Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. If you’re gonna be not-entirely-original, those are two pretty damn good albums to sound like.

      • I mean I’d be pretty content to sound like eighties paul simon. the composition of that sound and it’s intricacies is mind blowing…still.

  3. This is how MAYA should have sounded.

  4. also, where can I purchase this??

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