On a track with the perfectly ridiculous title “Retarded Fren,” Radiohead gentlemen Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood have hooked up with a somewhat unlikely collaborator, masked indie-rap hero DOOM. On the track, DOOM kicks his trademark slurry free-associative wordplay over wobbly bass-music subs and jittery strings that sound like they jumped straight from Greenwood’s There Will Be Blood score. Listen to it below.

“Retarded Fren” is the first track from Lex Records’ 10th anniversary compilation Complex. The label plans to post a new track every Monday for the next 10 weeks.

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  1. I still can’t believe Ben & Zooey broke up.

  2. agreed – it’s tasteless to post anything today.
    R.I.P. Love (2009-2011)

  3. More of this.

  4. wtf is this? somebody call madlib

  5. I think this one was phoned in.

  6. it’s great to hear anything new from the villain, but I was hoping for something more along the lines of idioteque + DOOM here. pretty underwhelming, hopefully there are bigger and better things to come.


  8. Not too impressed… Thom needs to get back to writing real music. Why is he trying to be a 40 year old club kid? What is it with these Brits and their clubs?

    • Oh, and the whole Ben & Zooey thing? There was certainly No Joy in Mudville. There must have been a Lack of Color in that relationship.

    • I know right? the logical path for a bro after he writes a song like Reckoner iz to collab with a band-mate whose symphonically trained and a hip hop artist and make a real jittery nerve-racking song! ALL BRITISH PEOPLE DO THAT! lol, nutsack

  9. @targets, recognize that the awesomeness of this has absolutely nothing to do with thom yorke and absolutely everything to do with MtothamuthafuckinF DOOM!

  10. This is so…. bad.. . . .. .. ass.

    I’m really digging this.

  11. Miranda Lambert could learn a thing or two from this right here. This right here.

  12. real talk, that was one of the worst doom songs i’ve ever heard. i want more of this:

  13. Just because Stephin Merritt said he’s not into rap, he’s branded a racist. Guess I’m one too. I like Beats as much as anybody, DJ Shadow’s Entroducing is a classic – but Thom’s & Jonny’s new direction leaves me cold. Why is it that one of the most emotive voices out there chose not to use it to full effect and why Dave Grohl plays guitars instead of drums leaves me baffled. Crazy world indeed.

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