Atlas Sound - 'Parallax'

Atlas Sound’s Parallax leaked last week and Bradford Cox’s latest solo venture got a quick Premature Evaluation size-up. Now, the record has hit the web in full alongside a track-by-track commentary from Cox at The New York Times Magazine website. Cox’s commentary is pretty notable, as it’s filled with stuff like:

On “Amplifiers”
The sound of winter in the practice space when all heat is sucked into the nonexistent, and isolated chords become skeletal and not cute.

Also, he mentions that MGMT’s Andrew VanWyndgarden played piano on “Mona Lisa.” Do with that fact what you will.

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  1. “Mona Lisa” is one of my favorite of many standouts on Parallax. I’d been wondering when exactly Cox and VanWyngarden had struck up their friendship following Cox’s stint as “Johnny Ramone” during MGMT’s Pink Floyd cover on Fallon.

    That aside, I can see Atlas Sound going into the direction of Thurston Moore’s proper solo albums vs. Sonic Youth where they’re becoming stripped down parallels to Deerhunter-style music.

  2. It took me a long time to get into Bradford’s music. I think Halcyon Digest was the first thing he did that I really got. That was definately the most accessible thing he had done, but listening to that helped me to go back and get into some of his older albums that I may not have really liked when he put them out. So far I’m through the first four tracks of Parallax and I’m really liking it, I expect it to grow on me even more.

  3. I’m more of a Deerhunter guy than Atlas Sound. While this one was good, we still didn’t go gaga over it in our Atlas Sound – Parallax Review.

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