Robin Thicke - "Pretty Lil Heart"

Robin Thicke (yup, Alan’s son) and Lil Wayne may be an unlikely artistic pairing, but they did get together in 2005 to make “Shooter,” a song I love with all of my heart. “Pretty Lil’ Heart,” Thicke’s new single, may not be as perfect as that one, but it’s still pretty goddam smooth. Wayne has a slick little verse on the intro, but the track is mostly Thicke’s show — a classic old-school soul glide with a rippling guitar line and some just-right horn stabs. Listen below.

Thicke’s album Love After War is out 12/6 on Star Trak/Interscope.

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  1. I feel like this would be on at a party in a Disarono commercial. You know, everyone’s just super good-looking and vibing on each other?

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