Lou Reed & Metallica

Darren Arnofsky made The Wrestler, so he knows something about old, broken-down pieces of meat. He made Black Swan, so he knows about confusing horrorshows. He made The Fountain, so he knows about ambitious experiments that don’t quite work out. And he made Requiem For A Dream, so he knows about the sorts of bad decisions that come out of excessive drug use. And even with all that in mind, it’s still a bit of a surprise to learn that he’s directing a video for the Lou Reed/Metallica travesty Lulu.

The Associated Press reports that Arnofsky is making a clip for the Lulu track “Iced Honey.” Lou Reed has voiced the perplexing hope that the movie can be “his Black Swan,” whatever that might possibly mean. The video will be out later this month. Maybe it’ll be good? It probably won’t be good.

I couldn’t figure out a way to work a Pi reference into that first paragraph; sorry.

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  1. No…. no no no no no no no no. god no

  2. “Daren Aronofsky made Pi, so he knows something about self-destruction.”


    • Except ALL his movies are about self-destruction! Except maybe The Fountain? I couldn’t finish watching The Fountain, too boring.

  3. I hope Darren is up on all his shots and doesn’t catch whatever fucked up disease the rest of them seem to have.

  4. Is Sweet Lou Reed wearing shorts in this pic? If so, is there a wallet chain, too?

  5. Shit! First we had to hear it, now we have to see it? The only thing shittier than this is if they made Rebecca Black’s video “Friday” into a song.

  6. It’s like, just age gracefully guys. Lou is what, 70? And he’s dressed up looking like fucking julian casablancas weekend at bernies with ridiculous sunglasses with two dudes rubbing their dicks on him and hetfield couldn’t be trying harder to literally lean his way out of this picture and this group. everything about this is ridiculous and who is going to buy it? Are people going to buy it? I just don’t know who wants this to happen.

    And if you did want it you must be thinking “oh fuck something is wrong here” like when you got excited for the red album (because you thought “okay we’re going back to the colours, green was okay and i’ll even take that at this point,”) but then you saw the cover and Rivers in the fucking idiot cowboy getup and you knew it was just going to fucking suck. well, here we are again.
    The name is awful, everyone looks, truly, like death, and it’s named the same thing as the fucking nickname for my little sister. Come on sonnnnnnnnn.

    • and jesus lu is even wearing shorts. He probably showed up looking like jimmy buffet and then had to get into character for the pic and Lou is like “Don’t get my short pants in it”. jesus boys you can all do better.

  7. i’m only watching if the ass to ass guy is in it.

  8. The video will probably be kind of cool. The music that will accompany said video will probably suck.

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