Odd Future

The sneering L.A. skate-rap collective have been dropped from at least one date on the Big Day Out tour, a multi-city traveling festival that crosses New Zealand and Australia in January and February. The NZ Herald reports that OF have been dropped from the lineup of the festival’s Auckland show after one person, a Wellington native named Calum Bennachie, wrote to the Auckland City Council, which owns Big Day Out venue Mt. Smart Stadium. Bennachie complained about the group’s homophobic lyrics, and the City Council, evidently, listened. These letter-writing campaigns sometimes work! Or they do in New Zealand, at least.

O.F. is still listed on the festival’s website, so evidently they’ll be there for at least some of the shows.

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  1. Good. The Schtick Is Starting To Get A Little Old.


  2. Mmm… interesting.

  3. Great.
    And good for Tom / Gum for reporting this – please keep it up.
    The downplaying of recent negative stories pertaining to OF in certain segments of the music press has been very unfortunate. It seems like the bubble is bursting fast for these guys, and many outlets are clinging on desperately to their investment.

    Just days after Left Brain slapped a female photographer across the face, many sources seem to have dropped the story immediately upon OF’s denial — in spite of the many disturbing pics & videos of his actions, testimonials by other photogs, and the victim now pursuing legal action.

  4. Calum Bennachie is the 1%

  5. odd future is not ‘sweet as bru!’

  6. Finally somebody has the balls to say this stuff is garbage. Didn’t about a billion rappers and rock bands do this ultra-sensationalist shock me shit already? The only reason anyone paid any attention to OF to begin with is because people like those wonderful folks over at Pitchfork insist on trying to intellectualize music as a way of relating to it. These assholes have people set on some kind of cultural wild goose chase, trying to rescue their music from their personalities. Of course, when they start slapping girls at shows all those lyrics no longer seem so ironic all of a sudden. Don’t worry. Any day now they’ll write up a new feature or a blog that should clear all this up.

    Seems to me that these are just 19 year old kids that don’t know what the hell they’re talking about, as is the typical of the condition of being 19. Like most teenagers, they do and say whatever is going to turn heads. When you get a little distance from the media blather it starts making perfect sense.

    • Agreed. At least the sensational stuff that occurred previously was reactionary — it was in response to something: punk to the hippie-love-peace/overblown musicianship of the era; rap as political music; nwa’s fuck the police; heck, even someone as seemingly desperate for shocks as marilyn manson wrote most of his songs and performed most of his antics out of something like a frustration with Christianity. Oddfuture is just assholes making music about being assholes — as Steve Albini said.

      • Exactly. If it’s just about indulging some angst, then people should at least be straightforward about it. They just need to stop trying to have their cake and eat it too – stop pretending it’s just intentional irony when they do stupid harmful things for attention, stop trying to rationalize their casual misogyny and homophobia. Either admit you condone that or jump ship and call it what it is. The punk scene was hardly a perfect one, but at least some effort was made by the vets and the people involved to occasionally tend their own flock when it came to hate groups or bands wandering into harmful territory. And if they couldn’t, those bands or people were usually ostracized.

        You expect some kids to do this kind of thing, and for some people to be attracted to it for the same reasons. What’s weird is this campaign going on through some of these milk-toast blogs and indie music sites to downplay or rationalize activities they might normally condemn without a second thought. For God’s sake, people made a bigger deal back when that ding dong from Waaves tried to play a show high on pills a couple years ago. I’m still trying to nail down the angle here. Maybe they’re too afraid to buck the trend until they see which way the wind will ultimately blow on this one? More media-muddied water in the cultural well, I guess. Another day, another dollar.

    • Just a little note,
      Can we all stop blaming everything on P4K? They absolutely weren’t the only blog covering/hyping/intellectualizing OF. All the bitching and snide remarks about Pitchfork only serve to give it more sway.

      • I only mentioned them once, and I think I was the only one. I thought I made it clear that I was referring to them among many others, but let me reiterate that I was. I only singled them out specifically because they’re the most prominent and popular of the batch, and because they provide no place on their own site for public feedback or discussion, unlike Stereogum.

  7. Not an Odd Future fan, mostly due to the unnecessary homophobic slurs and shock-gore, but a band or artist should never be cut from a festival bill by the city council unless what they are doing is actually illegal.

    From the letter: “If it is acceptable to say something similar to ‘gays are a cancer on society that deserves to be eliminated’, then what group would be next?”

    Did anyone in Odd Future actually say ‘gays are a cancer on society that deserves to be eliminated’? I can’t find it, but if they did I am willing to flip my opinion on this.

  8. i’m all for hardcore lyrics, but when someone slaps a woman in the face without provocation you know you’re in the company of a piece of shit. big day out is a privately operated enterprise, so i’m in full favor of them excluding pieces of shit from their festival. a censorship issue this ain’t.

    danny brown does the scary-rap thing much more effectively, anyhow. get him – he is the SHIT (not to be confused with a piece of shit).

  9. Shit just got real. NZ FTW!

  10. Just to add a semi-interesting side story:

    Saw Dam Funk tonight in San Diego. Dam obviously has beef with OFWGKTA.

    “We’re not gonna swim in any Frank Oceans!”

    “We’re not livin’ in an Odd Future!”

    (disagree with the Ocean comment – thought his album was super legit) but I agree with the OF dissension 95%……

    meme hype/buzzability can only last so long before actual talent has to back it up…Lana Del Rey, your time is nigh pretty lips)

  11. damn.. blaming all of odd future for one member’s (left brain) actions. Isn’t that kind of harsh? and there is noooo proof that he slapped anybody, any body can make crazy claims these days. did you hear that justin beiber is a daddy?
    yeah, their lyrics are scary and offensive, but i really only listen to them for tyler’s jazzy style. it’s cool to me that he knows his shit and produces all of his own beats as young as he is. he’s still a kid and he doesn’t try to put on something that he’s not. honestly, all this hype is what got him a vma in the first place. so big ups to big day out for putting odd future on all the news feeds across all of the music blogs on the internet.

    @Ocelet Stomp no. hodgy beats compares “GOD” to a cancer in the song sandwitches, i dont know what that guy’s talking about

  12. They’re a bunch of talented kids who are at least a bit fucked up in the head. what do you guys expect is gonna happen to them if they get thrown into the hype cycle? of course they’re going to do some ridiculous and generally stupid things. doesn’t mean they aren’t still talented, just that they’re a bunch of immature kids. no need for all this backlash.

  13. When Odd Future burst onto the scene I was like “Finally, some good old hardcore hip-hop instead of all this watered down R&B bling bullshit”. I soon realised I couldn’t look past how pathetically homophobic they were and was back to square one. Then I discovered Death Grips. Odd Future who?

  14. It almost funny to me that people still think they are homophobic. I mean have you seen their newest vid? It’s about Syd getting it on with a fine ass honey. http://youtu.be/3xaYNCBaUPQ

    • find me a video of theirs showing two guys kissing, in an inoffensive way. then, perhaps, will i even start to consider this line of argument.

      • Yeah, if you don’t have a music video with two guys kissing in it, you’re homophobic. Coldplay better step up their guys kissing game or I’m going to have to start complaining about them in Gawker comment threads.

        • you’re missing my point – i’m saying that it’s a illogical line of argument to begin with. if artists all had to portray dudes making out in their videos to prove they weren’t homophobic, it would be a very, very strange world that we’d live in. a bit too gay for my tastes, i must say.

  15. If this keeps up, they may have an Odd Future ahead of them.

  16. Its funny that ICP is disregarded as degenerates on the fringes of the hip-hop world but these guys blew up so fast. They’re one in the same for me, except it seems that ICP is an actual act while OF takes it to the next level. They should be as underground as Necro, Myzery, ICP, and whatever other shock-gore rappers are out there. I’m glad they got kicked off the festival line-up. I only hope Earl Sweatshirt comes back solo…That guy really kills it (in a metaphorical and artistically nice way, not a gory and messy gruesome way).

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