Joanna Newsom & Kermit The Frog

Here’s an early listen to the new “Muppet Show Theme,” which we learned last month features vocals from Joanna Newsom. It’s not much of a cameo, but keep in mind the song’s less than a minute and they’ve gotta fit Miss Piggy’s ego in there.

Also streaming is “Life’s A Happy Song” which was written by Flight Of The Conchords’ Bret McKenzie and concludes with lines from Feist and Mickey Rooney alongside Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and new Muppet Walter. Check that out below.

Still waiting on The Muppet Barbershop Quartet’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” UPDATE: Here that is.

The Muppets Original Soundtrack is out 11/21 via Walt Disney Records. Here’s the complete tracklist:

01. “The Muppet Show Theme” (featuring Joanna Newsom) by The Muppets (0:51)
02. “Muppet Studios, I Can’t Believe It” by Walter (0:04)
03. “Life’s A Happy Song” by Jason Segel, Amy Adams and Walter (4:29)
04. “I Haven’t Seen the Old Gang” by Kermit and Jason Segal (0:20)
05. “Pictures In My Head” by Kermit and The Muppets (2:36)
06. “We Drive” by Kermit and Walter (0:11)
07. “Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard” by Paul Simon (2:42)
08. “That Spells Reno” by 80′s Robot and Amy Adams (0:18)
09. “Rainbow Connection” by The Moopets (1:02)
10. “Welcome Back” by Kermit, Fozzie, Walter, and Dr. Teeth (0:20)
11. “We Built This City” by Starship (4:54)
12. “Party Of One” by Sarah Silverman and Amy Adams (0:09)
13. “Me Party” by Amy Adams and Miss Piggy (1:53)
14. “We Humbly Ask” by Kermit and Chris Cooper (0:09)
15. “Let’s Talk About Me” (featuring Nathan Pacheco) by Chris Cooper (2:33)
16. “The Answer Is No” by Chris Cooper and Kermit (0:06)
17. “Are You A Man Or A Muppet?” by Amy Adams (0:08)
18. “Man Or Muppet” by Jason Segel and Walter (2:58)
19. “Down At The Ole Barbershop” by Kermit (0:07)
20. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by The Muppets Barbershop Quartet (2:23)
21. “Princesses Of Poultry” by Kermit (0:06)
22. “Forget You” by Camilla and The Chickens (2:29)
23. “It’s Time for Our Song” by Kermit and Miss Piggy (0:04)
24. “Rainbow Connection” by The Muppets (3:09)
25. “Get Out There And Help Those Guys” by Jason Segel (0:06)
26. “The Whistling Caruso” by Andrew Bird (1:15)
27. “How Charming, A Finale” by Uncle Deadly (0:06)
28. “Life’s A Happy Song” (featuring Feist and Mickey Rooney) by Finale Entire Cast (2:23)
29. “Mary, Marry Me” by Jason Segel and Amy Adams (0:09)
30. “Mahna Mahna” by Mahna Mahna and The Two Snowths (2:05)

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  1. I’m calling it now: Best New Music, 10.0, Album of the Year

  2. Monkey and Fozzie Bear #jnewmuppets

  3. Damn, too bad LCD Soundsystem is kaput!

    • James Murphy and Kermit would’ve had the best duet that wouldn’t sound like a duet.

      Also… OH. Wow, I did not realize the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” crack was not a joke…

  4. One question: Why is this being covered on Stereogum, especially since Joanna Newsom’s contributino is “not much of a cameo”?

    I smell modern-day payola on this one:, brought to you by Walt Disney Records. What’s going on here? I’m a fan of Jason Segel AND Joanna Newsom, but seriously, what the hell?

    • contribution*

    • Pretty sure the muppets are MUCH MUCH better than most music. In fact they may have invented music. Either that or I really like the Christmas Muppet CD I own. I could say a million things about Drake being covered but I’ll bite my tongue and realize that people have different tastes than mine and Stereogum is covering a wider spectrum of music than most blogs

  5. I actually can’t wait to go see this with my 2 year old nephew.

  6. Extensive contribution right there.

  7. Saw this flick at the Savannah Film Fest world premier. This song plays at the beginning and end of the movie….been singing it for two weeks…

  8. Oh my god. I can’t believe I didn’t know this. I had to check my copy of the soundtrack to make sure Stereogum wasn’t playing tricks on us…
    This is so bizarre.
    Aaaagh I love Joanna Newsom.

  9. That was so savvy of you…how you plugged your shit singles site but disguised it in an innocent post about Muppets and Christmas. You fooled everyone.

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