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Though I’m not sure we’ll ever be able to recapture the same excitement and essence of record release days pre-Internet piracy, downloading a red-hot leak late at night and heading to Twitter to see what people are thinking actually comes pretty close. And, few leaks in 2011 come with more fanfare than Drake’s Take Care illicitly hitting the web. As much as I strained to wait and hear the full version — the leak is missing the closing track, the Jamie xx-produced “The Ride” — I convinced myself that I was supposed to listen to it for work, mostly just to make myself feel a little better about it. Oh, well. It’s here, and it’s great, improving on Thank Me Later in almost every single aspect as well as delivering several moments that will get people talking (that “Back That Azz Up” flip! Kendrick Lamar’s starmaking verse on the “Marvin’s Room” interlude! A harmonica solo! Wayne shows up and delivers! That Andre verse!).

Drizzy acknowledged the leak, probably from a club or something:

Drake tweet

Give it some burn and I’ll see you in the comments. More on Take Care soon.

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  1. This is totally worth a P.E., but I feel weird about doing it w/out hearing the last song. So, comment party for now. Oh, I love this, by the way.

    • Yeah, I agree. That last song could put the album over the top for all we know. That aside, I’m looking forward to hearing The Weeknd track without all the radio tags tossed over it and what seemed like the intro being looped three times over before the song actually started. If that’s actually how the real song sounds, I admire that Drizzy is going for some non-traditional song structures. That Rihanna song has to be one of the year’s best pop tracks, too.

  2. This is a step back in my opinion, its above average r&b, with a few rhymes thrown in, I feel weird even calling it a hip hop album. It’s clear he’s found a niche and he’s stickin with it, I had high hopesfor this album, I’m disappointed.

  3. this is the bees titties

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  5. I need to listen a few more times. It is definitely more of an R&B/hip-hop hybrid than I expected after Drake seemed to not be too happy with that style in his post-Thank Me Later interviews. It definitely sounds like a more cohesive and unique project and that can only be a good thing. Look What You’ve Done is my favorite track.

  6. “Underground Kings.” ACURA DAYS. Dude, and the Andre “Puts you in a Boise State.”

  7. still no Dreams Money Can Buy damnit.

  8. a drake comment party huh…bet this one’s going till ?

  9. My Musical Pirates site doesn’t have a leak of this yet, so I dunno what you crazies is talken’ abooot.

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  11. Hmm. one listen in, and I like it, he definitely avoided a sophomore slump. Also anything the Weeknd is involved in i just awesome. Toronto is on its way up, and im happy to be along for the ride

  12. I’m Really Lazy and don’t want to have to download it twice, so I can wait. looks good though.

  13. Listening to it now…on track 6…good so far…kinda soft but still good…
    ‘Over My Dead Body’ is the first standout…

    gonna come back when im done listening to give my full opinion…and oh shiii* Kendrick Lamar is about spit!

  14. Ok I lied I have nothing else better than to do than comment right now…

    ‘Underground Kings’ is great! T-Minus deserves more credit…”Im On One”, “She Will”, “Make Me Proud”…his beats are really different but great

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  16. “Well Be Fine” = Another stand out

  17. 40′s production on this takes such a leap forward. Those drums! A lot more use of samples too.

  18. “Look What You’ve Done” = What a beat

  19. Stevie’s harmonica solo gives me chills.

  20. Kind of cool that he acknowledged the leak and posted that on twitter, not like some other artists who would be suing the pants off the leaker.

    • You’re right because its the artists that would sue the person that leaked it not the record studio thanks for your glorious insight

  21. i love it, but having a hard time getting into “practice.” “club paradise” would’ve been a better second to last track i feel like. either way i like that track and “dreams money can buy” more than drake rapping over back that azz up. maybe it’ll grow on me. oh well. otherwise feeling it so far.

  22. I’m enjoying it (based off of one listen) but it’s about 30 minutes too long (like most rap albums).

    • I agree that he could have trimmed the second half a bit. I feel like the first 8 songs are great, then it gets more spotty. Still really like it, though.

      • How the fuck is this album too long? That being said how is any album too long? people bitch about new music being put out and then complain about there being too much music? Makes no sense to me i guess im just too faded

  23. this is the mopiest mope in all of mopeville. there’s a line between moody and plodding, airy soundscapes and this album crosses it pretty much every time. even the “bangers” are hollow, save Just Blaze’s beat.

    his main producer 40 is someone i think has good sonic ideas but tends to ruin ‘em by either burying his drums or making them too sparse/lurching. “The Real Her” is a perfect example of this, whereas Wayne’s “I’m Single” and Alicia Keys’s “Un-thinkable” are the two main exceptions i can think of, and his best beats.

  24. can anyone pick out the sample at the end of “over my dead body”?

  25. just really upsetting no one is mentioning the original…


  26. It’s alright. I don’t have anything insightful to say on the album as a whole, but I really wish him and Ross would’ve gone a lot harder on that Just Blaze beat. There are some great moments from the both of them on it, but they can be pretty inconsistent. If Ross had delivered the same flow that he had on “Devil in a New Dress” that song could’ve been fucking monumental.

  27. I’m split on the album. I really love Drake’s r&b songs. While he does something similar to The Weeknd and Frank Oceen, his voice is so distinct and unique. The title track is fantastic as well as ‘Shot For Me.’ The hook on “Make Me Proud” is insanely catchy, but both his and Nicki’s verses are pretty terrible. I’m really not a Rick Ross or Lil Wayne fan either, so their features to me are worthless. Since he can do both rapping and singing, adding another rapper to a track he does both on is just a little overkill, especially when all they talk about is fucking n**gas and bitches. Rihanna makes a fantastic appearance. I cant wait to hear the last track, especially if it’s produced by Jamie xx.
    And, the piano on “Over My Dead Body” is pure bliss.

  28. Personally I think he should have had a few more Sprites before recording this album

  29. I was sooo worried that his cover art wouldn’t involve usless gold shit but BANG, he sent in the big guns with that owl!

  30. Honestly, this is a great album. I do think it’s too long…but some of the songs are so strong, I don’t mind. There’s a solid, reasonable-length album in there.

    I wish he would do a full album with The Weeknd. Or with Jamie xx & Rihanna, for that matter.

  31. Remove Cameras/Good Ones Go, HYFR, Practice and The Ride, and you get a much more cohesive and overall better listen. I don’t know why he stuffed the album so much. He could’ve taken a 7/10 to a 9/10. Fuck this pisses me off so much, I refuse to listen to that track list. I’m sticking to my version lol.

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  33. THis album is sick! except the weeknd ruins crew love, i really wish he could use more than one note in every song he sings…still waiting for anything close to as good as house of balloons. Drake and weezy kill it on the whole album though. As does kendrick

  34. The Andre verse is making me yearn so hard for the next OutKast disc.

  35. Much Cred @ Drake ya lyrics inspire HOPE!!!, Workin 40 plus a week , Yea 1 day all da hard work will pay off!!! Cameras/Good Ones Go, MY Favorite 100%. Great Album from beginning to the end !!!

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