Hodgy Beats - "Crap" (Feat. Left Brain)

Hodgy Beats took to his Tumblr to drop “Crap,” a track featuring Left Brain that might technically mean it’s a MellowHype track, but unlike most of MellowHype’s stuff it features Left Brain (crudely) rapping. After Left Brain’s verse comes a somewhat atypical laid-back, stoned out meditation from Hodgy. Download the track down get up to speed with the Odd Future’s latest legal issues down below.

Vyron “Left Brain” Turner has been pressed with charges for allegedly slapping a photographer, Amy Harris, at New Orleans’ Voodoo Fest, something Harris claims didn’t need to happen; after considering her options for a couple of days and witnessing vehement denials from the group, Harris issued a statement, saying, “The unexpected turn of events, including an attack by Odd Future on my credibility and motives for discussing the incident, have caused me to re-evaluate my initial decision.” Not the best week for the Wolf Gang. UPDATE: The rough patch continues!

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  1. Steve Harvey: “Fuck Odd Future.”

  2. My prayers have been answered – a song named “Crap”.

    Next on the list – someone nails one of these clowns with a bottle during a performance.

    What’s that you say??

  3. stereogum hatin on odd future

    • stop hating on stereogum

      • whatever you say, addbro

        • ok, adddo, i apologize for lashing out earlier with the subtle, maybe clever bro diss. I read your comments on the other thread and i kind of see what you’re saying about pitchfork intellectualizing odd future and blowing them up. got into odd future through pitchfork including Bastard on their top 50 albums of 2010 – reading about this insane 18 year old kid making his own beats, designing his own album art, getting really emotional calling out his absent… thought it sounded pretty cool.

          i loved Bastard and have since enjoyed a good amount of OF’s output, and think a lot of them, especially Earl (son of the poet laureate of S. Africa), has an incredible sense of delivery and rhyme. but can see where odd future might get a little grating and it can be hard when the lyrics super-intensely gruesome and horrible. overall i’m still pretty compelled by them. to one thing you were saying about them in the thread – yes tons of artists have relied on shock tactics before, but i think it’s been awhile since anyone’s done has been shocking in such a gripping way.

          odd future have a lot to say and sometimes say it engagingly. even if it is mostly angst-driven negative music, they are very talented kids who have if nothing else at least helped filtered some more out there stuff into the hip hop scene. i was wondering if incidents like these were going to happen to OF, kind of thought they would, and i guess i should have expected stereogum to continue their covering-but-reprimanding policy which i guess i’m fine with. but it’s like they put this song up just to make fun of them and are frothing at the mouth for OF’s downfall. obviously this would be reason to get over OF if left brain did it on purpose, but let’s wait until the convoluted smoke of the online media clears before rushing to judgement.

          that’s the only reason i wanted to call stereogum out, i feel like the pendulum is swinging the other way unnecessarily hard for OF right now. it’s pretty much this, and putting bon iver on a pedastal all the time that i take issue with. other than that the ‘Gum is the shit and one of the main ways i find new music. plus i just genuinely beieve in dissent mannnn you feel me? hence my addbro’in yer ass.

  4. Hodgy should leave the beatmaking to Left Brain

  5. 14 minutes and counting – Odd Future’s clock of fame.

  6. why does odd future have to be so mean? they are mean spirited no goody two-shoes among them.

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