Beacon - No Body EP

Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett are Beacon, a Greenpoint-based duo steeped in ’90s and contemporary R&B, IDM, and bass music. Moodgadget is set to release Beacon’s No Body EP, the project’s second collection of songs to triangulate those worlds into a sensual, downtempo electronic mesh of lush synths and lusty falsetto. It’s How To Dress Well with slightly less BMG CD club R&B, slightly more Warp Records infusion. No Body is lights-down music, ambient-pop for the unrequited, the logical result of years absorbing Boards Of Canada and Postal Service, Matthew Dear and Karin Dreijer Andersson, The-Dream and Ginuwine. (Related: Beacon cover Ginuwine’s “So Anxious,” so their aim is true.) Over a few emails they identified contemporaries like Shed, Actress, the Weeknd, Boi-1da, and Fever Ray as influences, and oOoOO, Nike7up, White Ring, and Blissed Out as showmates. All of that should have you primed for a listen of their new EP’s title track:

The No Body EP is out 11/15 via Moongadget. Hear the whole thing:
No Body EP by beaconmusicnyc

Here’s an album trailer, with some “No Body” happening. Thomas and Jacob recently launched a video production house, so this clip is just as much an extension of Beacon’s aesthetic as is their music:

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  2. LOL Ethan go somewhere else

  3. that chipmunk bitch in the sample sound like bush, kate.

    bacon – no body – we’re talkin tufacon
    this bacon i’m makin
    this grease on is poppin
    this pig that i’m walkin
    i fatten for bacon.

    Peace, 1.

  4. Is it just me, or is anyone else waiting for the “90′s R&B / IDM” backlash to come already?

    • Ya, once amrit started listing all those bands, I began to wonder the same thing. Good sign though that there hasn’t been some retarded, blogger pigeon-hole name for this stuff.

  5. Sort of weird that this album cover has the same ‘pinned together party letters’ word/title (“Beacon”) as an EP by Lexington, KY – based pop artist Matt Duncan. Speaking of which, his EP is highly recommended!

    • reminds me of a “pinned together party letters” word title of a coca cola add, speaking of which is a highly recommended delicious drink everyone can enjoy

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